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  1. 71DIMER


    I'm still around making my carpet kits, I just very rarely log in here so if anyone wants one of my carpet kits just PM me and include your number to text or email so I can reply directly without having to log in. ?
  2. I'm still around just very rarely log in...if anyone is interested PM me and include your number to text or at minimum your email so i can respond to you. Thanks!
  3. 71DIMER

    510 carpet

    I've cleared up my inbox, so if anyone is interested in one of my carpet kits, PM me. You can also email me at speedracermg@gmail.com. Thanks!
  4. 71DIMER

    510 carpet

    I'm still reachable using PM...sorry it just takes me a while to respond but I will get back to you :) I'm shipping out 2 carpet kits out this week, so let me know if anyone is still interested. Thanks!
  5. Come on out to our monthly Last Thursday of Every Month meet going on tonight! 3605 El Camino Real Santa Clara CA next to Starbucks! We start gathering at 6pm!
  6. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    LOL Burabuda, if I was trying to threadjack I would post a bunch of questions, instead I was posting pics of what little things can do to turn it into a nice looking wagon in no time. It's call inspiration...get over it!
  7. 71DIMER

    510 carpet

    I sell them if you're interested :)
  8. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    Then finally some slamming and wheels :) img]http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr274/sfbaycl/1968%20Datsun%20510%20Wagon/IMG_8349.jpg[/img]
  9. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    Before: Cargo (yuck) After: Cargo After cleaning up and slapping in the newer panels and carpet:
  10. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    Oh and for some motiviation, here's some before/after pics to show you it doesn't take too much to make a big difference in our Datsun's apperance! :) Before: Old nasty carpet that came with it. After Carpet: New and clean (well still needs a vacuum) Seats Before: These came with the wagon and while they were headress-less like true 1968 Datsun seats, they weren't stock and sat higher due to the little feet it had on them. Sold them on CL, only to find out later they were actualy from a old school Camaro/Firebird and worth some $$$...oh well. Seats After: Got these from a local guy with a old man golfer upholstery After Ratsunizing them: Before: Original blue door panels and rear seat were pretty thrashed After: Replaced all 7 busted door panels and seats with black ones
  11. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    68Goon: No problem I thought you might like to see a stock-ish group of photos...but to answer your question yes it's stock but for some reason my dash is not a 68, I've learned since buyign it that it's a 69 dash, now I don't know if that came that way from the factory since they did funny things back then (like install different years parts on transitioning cars) but it is a stock dash. :) Scooter Stuff: Sadly yes they were Camaro seats, I say sadly because I didn't know it at the time when I took them off to replace with stock Datsun seats and I sold them on Craigslist for WAAAAAAY too cheap. It wasn't until after I sold them in no time at all that I look into why I got so much interest, that I realized I could have gotten a LOT more for them...oh well. :P
  12. 71DIMER

    My 68 Goon

    Congrats on a 68 goon! I have one too...here's some pics of when I first picked it up! :)
  13. 71DIMER

    orange B110 coupe

    Hey I recognize that 1200, that was Mario's old coupe! He bought his after I scored mine. You've done some good work on it, can't wait to see it on the road! :)
  14. 71DIMER

    Carpet kits?

    Nice heel pad source! I might order some to add it to my kits. Thanks for the feedback and idea!
  15. 71DIMER

    Carpet kits?

    Well I'm sorry you're not happy Laecaon, but yes, wearing out is bound to happen, that's why I use (and recommend) floor mats to extend not only my carpet kits but any carpet in your Datsuns. Even a cheap set of floor mats will cause you to never have a problem again, plus it makes cleaning it up a breeze. :) Sure you can make your own carpet kits for less, but unless you want to hassle with the trial and error of the dimensions it's sometimes easier to avoid that hassle and guess work and buy something that you know will fit from the get go. Just my 2 cents. Everyone is welcomed to review my old classified thread for a string those that have bought and used my kits and thier inputs/thoughts. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/12900-fs-510-carpet-kit-for-all-2-door-4-door-wagon/
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