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  1. xyzalvarez

    Jccs 2009

    great show! im glad i could make it..!
  2. like dukes of hazard? but i reallly like the idea of the manhole get in style..! nice " guork " man..!
  3. woot woot! i like this swap..! like the color of the mounts too! whats the durometer rate on those? N' now put some gas on the snake and burn the sucker out..!
  4. or just in case a working gear box..? i think mine took a dunk...:(
  5. they look nice...big lip and stock look..! at least this is what i can see... do you know from wich car they came from? btw: good toys to start with....!
  6. wow! finally i would be able to taste those burguers !! im 99% sure im in...! :D
  7. wow! love the work on the truck.! props man! looks like a lot of fun for a proyect..! mo'pics please!
  8. check here on iceman thread.. theres a basic wiring idea how to hook it up a SR or KA.. http://forum.ratsun.net/showthread.php?t=549
  9. thats a good advice...to seal the corners... thanks... i think im going for it.
  10. thanks for the info. couldn't use the oem exhaust because of the lenght ..so i ended up going 2.5mandrel bent, straigth pipe. hope i dont lose to much hp... so far it pulls hard ! finally this is how it sits.
  11. i was kidding.! i think this is the one i will keep... althou i have the tendency to build my cars and the sell them for cheap. but this one...has my sweat all around lol... im on my way to car wash. and take some few pics... hopefully tomorrow we can drive it with my wife and kid to the meet. need some rear light trims and plugs. :D
  12. good stuff..! does it flake too soon? or does stick to the glass pretty hard?
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