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Question about a 1971 Datsun 510 2 door - 18k miles

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Does anyone have a clue what a 1971 Datsun 510  2 door - with 18k miles would be worth?


I know a guy that has one and wants me to take a look. He has lots of spare parts and a spare 1800 motor to boot. Both motors are out, and it supposedly needs very little work.


Does anyone have a general idea of what this might be worth. I can post pictures soon after I look. I belive he is wanting like 8500.00 - 10k depending on if you want both motors etc.


If I pass is anyone interested? I know nothing about Datsuns and it seems like a lot of money for this car?





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The speedo only goes to 99,999 then rolls over to 00,000 so it may have 118,000  218,000 even 318,000 miles on it. Seriously if it had 18,000 why would anyone remove the motor. $8,000-$10,000 run the other way.

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Yup.  And really, what does mileage matter on a 40 year old Datsun?  A clean shell is a clean shell, and a roached shell is a roached shell, regardless of miles.  A low mileage 40 year old drivetrain will need practically the same things as a 150k mile 40 year old drivetrain.

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High mileage and use indicators....


Driver's seat worn, cracked torn.

Seat belt frayed.

Brake pedal pad worn, wear mark below gas pedal.

Door drops when opened from worn hinges.

All rad and heater hoses should be the woven molded type with the stock wire clamps

Should have the original muffler on it and no U clamps.

Headlight or wiper knobs worn

Steering wheel worn smooth

Original headlamps

Shouldn't have any new steering or suspension components.

Shouldn't have after market fuel pump or rebuilt starter or alternator.



Hey the alternator may have gone bad, things happen. But if there are worn brake pedal pads, seat belts are frayed or the door hinges are worn out I would wonder. $8,500 for something that doesn't even run??????

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L motors aint worth shit shit unless the numbers might match to the placard in the engine bay if this car is perfect. the L 18 is just a L 18. dime a dozen its not going to add value.


the car with all the stuff there might get some money. I seen them go for alot if perfect mint not a scratch.


really you need to go on the 510realm and ask thats the guys with more money to spend. Ratsun guys wont pay for shit even if in mint shape.  But then again I seen minet SR20 car in AZ sell for 7K and it was bad ass.  But nowadays I think bone stock with hubcaps will be the future $$$$$$$ for datsun. Not SR/KA swapped lowerd cars

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High mileage and use indicators....


All rad and heater hoses should be the woven molded type with the stock wire clamps


One of the first things I did when I bought my RL411 [new] was to change the wire clamps for worm drive modern clamps. I did, however, keep all the original wire clamps so that I could restore it to "as delivered" condition. I did the same "save" routine for every factory part that I have replaced for the past 46 years to be able to duplicate as delivered condition down to the original Datsun spark plug wires and distributor.

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Here we go..I hope these come out.


This car was origionally an automatic and was in the middle of being coverted to a 5 speed, that is why the motor was pulled, with plans of putting an 1800 motor in. The last time it was registered was 1984 and truely has 16k miles. The origional owner was 80 and sold it to this gentleman whom is in his 70's now. The motor has the SSS heads with the SSS carbs from Japan. The second motor is a bone stock 1800. There two tranny's one is a 4 speed, and one a 5. It basically has all the parts, it just needs to be put back together. I'm not sure if I'll buy this, it seems like a lot of work, Let me know if anyone is interested, I would like to help the person sell it.

















































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Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure what I will do. I guess the elderly lady that origionally bought it was backing into everything while parking etc. later in her years. The owner now can tell you the life story of the car. He's very passionate about it.


Thanks again,


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