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  1. Sweet wheels, if only they came in 15s
  2. What wheels are on the sky blue one?
  3. Have you considered running a heat shield? I had the same fuel boiling issue on hot days in traffic, I slapped a heat shield on and it went away.
  4. Did John Cena build it?
  5. Almost cursed my mom today, she told me to sell my Datsun.

  6. r0p0doe

    Feels like autumn.

    Probably, site says sold out and they don't seem to promote that part or any of there stuff they were making when they first came out. Op should look into it, I have a set of there rear coilovers and was hoping other ppl would purchase them so I can see some feedback.
  7. r0p0doe

    Feels like autumn.

    I think so, but it looks like they may be out of production now. Or if you got a hold of Dom he could turn one out for him
  8. r0p0doe

    Feels like autumn.

    ChasingJs made one but I don't think it was for goons
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