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  1. If you keep the wats how much of a discount do we get 😆
  2. Could always hit up the510keeper, im sure he can put one together for your budget.
  3. Are pictures broken for anyone else besides me?
  4. There's my chance to finally import a bluebird 😆, how woupd you go about registering it in the states with no documentation tho?
  5. This thing is coming along nicely.
  6. r0p0doe

    Fender Flares

    I agree with banzai, I wouldn't flare your car either.
  7. r0p0doe

    T3 Heat Shield

    The you could make your own if you are capable.
  8. r0p0doe

    T3 Heat Shield

    I had the T3 heat shield, it worked well for my car. Helped cut down the heat around the carbs.
  9. I'm suprised it hasn't sold yet.
  10. Are you going to source yourself some ZX struts?
  11. r0p0doe

    71' SR20VE 510

    Looking forward to your progress.
  12. r0p0doe


    Never met an "enthusiasts" that wanted a convertible 510...
  13. r0p0doe

    Front Chin

    But if youre still curious i believe futofab sell them, I personally like the no chin spoiler look if you're lowering it.
  14. Talk about overpriced https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/irvine-1972-datsun-510-blue-bird-nissan/7009751360.html
  15. No info on the can am box on here anymore? Just did a search and nothing comes up...

    1. demo243



      Lots of info here. Been working off this as I wire mine up.

  16. I'm running 280zx struts on my 71 I bought from TechnoToyTuning(TTT) which bolt right up. And I got a set of chasing J's coilovers in the rear. I'm running diamind racing Steelies that are 15x7 in the front and 15x8 in the rear with no offset, po was running 17s on my car so the inner fender lips were already slightly rolled. I spoke to some other guys before buying wheels to make sure they were going to fit and i wasn't going to have to hack my car to achieve my goal.Havent posted oics in ages on here so hopefully they work...
  17. Sweet wheels, if only they came in 15s
  18. What wheels are on the sky blue one?
  19. Have you considered running a heat shield? I had the same fuel boiling issue on hot days in traffic, I slapped a heat shield on and it went away.
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