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  1. Well the drum machine might be a little advance for a barbaric religion, but its the only instrument being used in Islamic rap. "Oh she be rocking that hijab"
  2. I always felt bad for the single mom working at Papa Murphys. If they cut corners on the gas and electric bill who knows what else. Murphy is Irish for "cheap" which the irish consider a compliment.
  3. /\ im sure their is some valuable info here. USA ! We like our pizza fully cooked
  4. Rich + bi polar = disaster. It sucks cuz they usually send them to the Bay Area. I think alot of this so called " queer " Americans are just rich kids with mental disorders
  5. Have you heard the new pick up lines men are using? "Im a firm beleaver in the LGBT Renaissance" Heres one that will work, " i wanna take you home and tie you up like a SLAVE" lol. If i wasnt hitch would def use.
  6. By they disquise it so well unlike the Quran. At least the quran tells me what to do with my 4 wives when they are menstrating.
  7. So im walking around Berlin like the bad ass "neo Nazi" i am AND i cant help but notice, everyone is kinda ugly. Are skin tags the new polo collar? I will say the boobs do look cozy, dasenkeepumfromfloppin aka brazzeer
  8. NORWAY ! God damn! Bald and beutiful. Or Busty and beutiful. Walking around the airport in total heaven, UNTIL,,, some bearded millenial trash steps outta nowhere and bumps my 6 euro coffee, swear he was from portland. I think the cellphone is destroying our sonor.
  9. If smoke was real we would see him on fox news.
  10. I bet ugly giants would wade through the Atlantic to bang lower class leprechaun females. Ever look at an Antifa protester? Case rests.
  11. I think dinosaur bones look way too human like,
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