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'72 datsun 521 second chance


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Hey guys I'm new to the datsun scene but I just picked up my first one. I guess the po passed away and the truck has been sitting for about a year but it fires right up. I brought her home Monday. Only issue of driving it is....it has no brakes. Big surprise huh? Bake parts are on order along with other little odds and ends. Hope to get it into daily driver condition pretty soon. Anyways, here she is!


When I went to pick her up




Home and beginning the tear down









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Wow clean truck


get a battery hold down instead of bungy cords.


swap out the antifreeze.


do not change anything on the electrical. Do not get new coil or anything like that. Learn how to adjust points.

Later get a electronic ignition.


Most electrical proplems with 521 are around the fuse box loosing connection due to corrossion issues.

get soem NGK plug wires. NE64 from amazon or Rockauto.com.


If your putting a new brake master in you might have to cut the down down as it will push on the pedal thus not letting the master to release all the way.


You might only nned to bleed the brakes and youll be fine. rockauto has taiwan masters so buy 2 if you think your going to keep this long as the Jap ones are the best and last forever. the taiwan one I get about 5 years and POP!!!!!!!!

If it runs good I would just drive it the way it is. but get a electric ignition when possible. POINTS SUCK!!!!!! they simple but suck if you dont know anything about them.


Nice rig you have and one of the best colors also

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I paid $2000 for the truck. Ac blows somewhat cold.. Seems it just needs a little charge and it'd be great. Ha ya the clock! Didn't know it was a rare item. Thing sure does tick away though. I think I'm going to hold onto it for the time being.


Only electrical problems I've found so far is the ignition, not sure how it's supposed to be wired quite yet


And the cluster doesn't have anything plugged into the temp and fuel spots on the back. Can't even seem to locate the plug behind the dash. (Haven't looked too hard yet)





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No.  On most 521 gauge clusters, that tape fell off years ago.


Testing the combo meter.  Pins are numbered like a clock.  there are no pins at 5:00, or 6:00.
Get a 12 volt battery, and hook the negative up to pin 10.
Apply 12 positive to pin 1, the four dash lights should turn on.
Apply 12 positive to pin 2, the left turn light should turn on.
Apply 12 positive to pin 9, the high beam light should turn on.
Apply 12 positive to pin 12, the right turn light should turn on.

Apply 12 positive to pin 7, and ground pin 4, the oil light should turn on.
Apply 12 positive to pin 7, and ground pin 8, the IGN (alt) light should turn on.

Apply 12 positive to pin 7 and ground pin 10, and also ground pin 3, the fuel gauge should go to full.
Apply 12 positive to pin 7 and ground pin 10, and also ground pin 11, the temp gauge should go to hot.


Get these LEDS from superbrightleds.


Putting them in the four gauge lighting positions changes this.


To this.


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WELCOME TO RATSUN    nice find chris devasher, what are you going to name it, i have a 69 with the same color  i call her sandy and mine is in no way in that  kind of condition that yours is.  keep up the good work and update us with pix and do a build thread under project datto

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