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  1. Hello Everyone! Ive been gone for a bit, but working hard. I'm trying to get the 521 running and having some problems getting the motor running. S13 KA24DE with manual ecu ::::::::::::: msd 2225 fuel pump I started following an old diagram that didn't work. After reading everything I could find online I'm more confused now then when I started. So far I have tested the following: Dizzy has spark Injectors have power confirmed with NOID TPS has normal functions based on testing I found online MaFF has power to it Fuel rail is getting gas I have just found the updated diagram on this forum and wired canam box accordingly, but fuel pump relay not working properly. I have a few questions about this new diagram. 1. What is going on int the areas I circled in red? It looks like a wire going from 86 to 30 to me, but not sure how to hook that up. 2. 46 & 109 look like they go directly to 30 but is also listed as going to ecu bup (currently I have these 2 only going to ecu bup). 3. What is the ground at the bottom of the diagram? 4. What happened to the O2 sensor wire that was originally in the first diagram? Here is how my canam box is wired. Don't look at all my red wires!!! They are labeled! Anyone see anything wrong with my wiring? Also is a fuel pressure regulator required?
  2. I was thinking about teaching u how to become a pro welder on Tuesday. Don't even think about those auto set settings. I will never respect u if u do! That's pier pressure for u.
  3. To give u an idea of how it started out... I don't have pics of it before I did all the metal work but u can see how much I replaced.
  4. Here's the DC I built and sold to a friend. It's actually going to be featured in a Japanese mag called Let's Play VWs and I guess there are pics in hot vws but I havnt seen it yet.
  5. Oh I've been busy. I have had a lot of interrupted time working on projects. My wife has been traveling a lot lately. Since March she has been to the following all 10 days or more each trip. London/ New York/ Toronto/ Tokyo/ Australia That's about 60 days I've had no progress or very little. The skyline has gone a few places. It was at HIN and maybe a small show in Sep in San Jose Japan Town. Right now there is a little bit of an issue. There seems to be a lack of power in 1st 2nd & 3rd. But 4th was good until the last drive then 4th srarted to drag. It feels like I'm pulling an anchor in 4th gear and every shift it seems like the RPM's drop way down and has difficulty climbing back up. I was in LA all last week and this all happened the day before I let so I havnt had time to look into this. But it seems as if I need to get the FJ20 moving along and get the OG stuff swapped out before they are paper weights.
  6. If u want big boy toys for measuring then u need Starrett. http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/tools/test-measurement/calipers-dial/starrett-799a-6150-electronic-caliper-0-6?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=CjwKEAjw0NytBRD-1d3QsdHNpR0SJACGXqgRKFOvevwC0MgM9p4NGMM4lNbUrtBi4uVpfVFHrCN_nBoCqbLw_wcB
  7. Ray u need this. And it must be a miller otherwise it won't work with ur welder. Hahahaha apprentice hazing... Also u will never use auto set. If u do u might as well make ur wagon front wheel drive automatic and rainbow stickers on all ur doors. Yes a lot of the metal is 22 ga. Paper thin shit. U are gonna warp speed some shit for sure.
  8. earlyvws

    69 521 Build

    No, it's made by crackstar. Don't know who that is.
  9. Ray Ray Ray Ray What are u doing. A L28 is a much better choice with a N42 head. A great alternative to the S20 based on cost benefit analysis. I mean a L28 is 10X bigger then a L18. Sorry I forgot this is a short nose 510. Literally nothing in the above statement is useful information. All figures in the preceding statements have been calculated using Common Core Math. I'm earlyvws and I approve this message.
  10. earlyvws

    69 521 Build

    Now I'm getting somewhere. Finally can get this back on track and finish. Motor done enough to start the critical fitting of everything that has been on hold.
  11. What needs to be done to put the vent in the back. I know welding up old hole but anything special about vent relocation?
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