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  1. Looks like another feature for this truck http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1807-1971-and-72-datsun-521-pickup-lines/ except the 1st feature link is broken idk why
  2. http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1807-1971-and-72-datsun-521-pickup-lines/ apparently one of my old trucks will be in a magazine next month
  3. Looks great but I'd be careful melting that brake master
  4. This is taking forever, if we don't see a running turbo fj in 3 days imma have to take back my "likes"
  5. https://www.compmag.net/ar-15-compmag/ In the very unfortunate and likely event that I might have to (forcefully) move back to California, is this mag all I would really need to bring my ar's with me, of course i would leave behind bumpstocks and other very scary things to California
  6. Right!? That back from the dead feeling with photobucket forgiveness
  7. This and photobucket working is gonna convince me to build something this winter. I want likes too!!!
  8. Am I trippin or are all my pictures back from the dead?
  9. That's a big turbo, u got my attention big boy 300hp is more than enough fun for a 521 Turbo>nos
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