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  1. Tucson CL ad for '69 521. Unfortunate "gonna swap it" project. https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/tucson-1969-datsun-pickup/7277591754.html
  2. Here's a good NWDE archive thread for 3 point seatbelt install into 521. This slips captive nut into the B pillar. http://nwde.ratsun.net/nwde/archive/4304.htm
  3. Tucson620

    My 1971 521

    I would really like a new steering box for my 521. This is quite the adventure. You're giving up too easy. I think Whitworth is the next logical thread choice!
  4. Forgot to mention this - very useful and I used for this project. Had to fool around with printing scale to get it correct though - maybe there's margins by default with my .PDF printing? Was too small, scaled down slightly.
  5. Tired of the Empi chrome brick on my Weber 32/36, so a weekend pandemic project. Followed the mklotz70 guide here. Found an acceptable spray paint color and install JUST clears the inside of my crooked hood. Only shiny thing on the truck. Quieter and I swear picked up power. Tricky to measure - hood clearance is tight with taller L20B in a 521, and the bottom of the housing can interfere with bits on the carb. Have an older 521 air cleaner I think looks nicer, but it’s taller and this 620 air cleaner was ugly before I started cutting. Chrome brick clearance:
  6. YES!!! Concours-level detail pays off! Congratulations! Like to see both drag and autocross results with killer rubber
  7. I think you should pull a Saturn one from a junkyard. Get you a pulley, etc. https://ratsun.net/topic/7830-saturn-alternator-how-to-wire-in/
  8. They look like vintage Shelby Mesh mags I had for Z car. Didn't know they existed for 6 lug. But there were a lot of similar knock-offs. Pretty cool looking. https://zcarsource.com/wheel-shelby-mesh-14x7-used
  9. Same with Z car - best results by sealing EVERYTHING in the back. Hatch, spare tire well grommets, antenna, etc. Hatch and tail lights were big leak spots - new rubber was cure. You can do a smoke test - rig a shop vac to pull air from sealed cabin. Wave cigarette, etc. around rear, monitor test subject in back of wagon for reaction.
  10. Yes, unlimited aero mods possible now! Please remember to keep your receipts...
  11. This. Also, any pics of the surgery? For what it's worth, I installed mklotz's kit on my truck plus a Wilwood manual proportioning valve. None of this NLSV witchcraft, and left rears as drums. Very happy with results and braking is much less an adventure now. Do your research and get a beebani or mklotz kit, some junkyard parts, and new or reman shiny parts. Here I've had the boy load up telephone poles, then headed for steepest downhill!
  12. Yes! Bet the poor file cabinet didn't see that coming :rofl: Was thinking of related race car nicknames. How about 'Rolling Papers'
  13. Between this and the other thread (http://community.ratsun.net/topic/73826-speedometer-5-speed-tranny-swap/ ) I'm more confused. I might be mixing up truck and Z (short and long) transmissions here. Seems like your sleeve is a different length than would expect for 4 speed. Are the pinion gear shafts longer too? Here's sleeve and gear with yellow 16T out of 260Z 4 speed. Looks 0.75" or more shorter than yours. Have 20T red cog from a 4.11 Z (not clear on source) - it fits in this housing fine, but I think it's the wrong sleeve offset for gears to mesh. Don't have the proper 20-23T sleeve f
  14. Never had great luck with Datsun speedo accuracy BUT my franken-521 is pretty good - 4.375 gears, I believe 19T White pinion in a 280Z 5 speed, 225/60R15 tires (25.6"). None of this helps you, other than to say those tires do NOT fit, rub everywhere. :lol: But I do have a red 20T pinion gear out of a 4.11 Z laying around. Not sure I have a housing to match though. Have a 4 speed sitting - I'll check this weekend and PM you re: classified ad.
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