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Hey everyone!  Got a call from King County Sherrif @ 5:00 this morning...my 521 was found with the thief driving it to boot!! So the Datsun gods were a smiling!   I asked if the thief resisted arrest, but sadly no. But they got the bastard and no damage to the White Pony.   They drove it from Seattle to Bellingham and then back, so I guess I know she is roadworthy!!If anyone is from Burlington, Washington and they are missing a sweet moped, it was in the back of my truck and the king county police have it.   Well..its actually at the tow yeard still.  Thanks for all the kind words...there is justice out there!!!

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I picked up the truck from impound today.  yes, he was arrested.   I did not get the name, but I did press auto theft charges.  Also..I have a battery kill switch on firewall of truck in engine bay, as well as a battery disconnect on the terminal...figured that would deter any normal thief.   They showed me that he had a key ring of keys that were all filed down to match different types of cars...and i'll be damned if there was not a key filed to exactly like mine! 

Also...if you do not have them....I use Haggarty Classic car insurance on the 521....$110 a year for coverage, and they paid for the $220 town and impound fee...so if you are looking for a good classic insurance that delivers....i'd look into those fellas...

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I am very pleased that you got your 521 back and great tip on the insurance.


There needs to be a stolen Datsun sticky somewhere. How am I supposed to know how many and from what area Datsuns without digging deep in the general section. I could have been keeping an eye out for this but didn't know to look. Sightings thread meets missing Datsuns sticky.


So I know of a 510 wagon very  nice looking with shaved handles down the street from me parked in front of a house that is boarded up by the city and it's been sitting there for many many months. I know ask the neighbor right? Then you might give the guy a heads up and it gets moved. Calling in kinda seems like over kill if it's not stolen. Give me a stolen Datsun sticky so I can at least keep a look out for forum members rides.


Maybe I'll just post a pic of it in the sitings thread. Sorry for the attempted thread jack Jammin.

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