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  1. olderdat620

    Seeking engine swap advice for a 510.

    Don't want to offend------ been there tried that----- Young- Dumb and full of ideas (don't go like that) Just build a L20 it will haul ass. 2 cents worth ----- out
  2. olderdat620

    Frenched Clearance Lights on 620, 710, 280zx and other datsuns

    With all due respect dtzmike all the lights are still there
  3. olderdat620

    Frenched Clearance Lights on 620, 710, 280zx and other datsuns

    I like those clearance lights where can I get those
  4. olderdat620

    "Evil Santa "

    Like it like it is ----get it running and just go
  5. olderdat620

    Hi, im NOOB

    Welcome aboard jarhead - west coast here-enjoy the ride------ Semper Fi
  6. olderdat620

    The Cpl's Artwork

    Cpl I salute you - Former jarhead Cpl here too your great pieces of art reminded me of my high school yrs when I barely past my art classes my teacher was a perfectionist and I was very abstract , Very true an artist does not copy, actualy sold some of my work , but never as good as good yours--------Semper Fi Bro
  7. olderdat620

    belltech lowering leaf springs

    Wayno correct and Farmer I have had it the way for years
  8. olderdat620

    belltech lowering leaf springs

    I used the D21 leafs on my 620 but I drilled out holes on the mounting pads 3/4 inch back dropped right in
  9. olderdat620

    California Step Side box

    I have one but I think it will be to expensive to ship
  10. olderdat620

    grey primer 521 from San Pablo, CA to England.

    Hey Dolomite did you forget that Datsun is from Japan and you say taking out of country(USA) We are lucky to have them
  11. olderdat620

    What is wrong with Ratsun, can it be fixed?

    All I can say is I have had Datsuns since I was 16 I am now 58 and still learning from all these new smart young shits and as far as the want ads everything I have bought has been good ( except one) life goes on -----so thanx RATSUN :thumbup:
  12. olderdat620

    510 datsun with a chevy 4.3 vortec?

    I would say don't put it in the 510 if you wana put it in a Datsun I would say put it ina 521 or 620 but I am not you, I like the L series I will sleep good :thumbup:
  13. olderdat620

    Twisted Metal

    Are they for sale?
  14. olderdat620

    510 lowriders???

    Personally thinking The orange wagon ina lowrider show would look ----right in place----- ina tuner show of course way outa place-----then we come to whose money is it? Different strokes for different folks.
  15. olderdat620


    Intake manifold-sorry

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