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  1. yessir haha need to do away with the peashooter exhaust. Thanks!
  2. so should i just leave it be?
  3. I'll swap it...so it needs to go from the valve cover to the crankcase? I'm only into the truck about $1200 he was asking $3600 so I'd say I'm doing fine
  4. to be determined..so far Ive just been fixing things and driving it
  5. yeah my 620 is the same way
  6. Finally got me a 521 after 4 years of looking! Has an l20b out of a 79? 620 don't remember haha! Got the truck from my buddy, traded one of my 4runner' for it. Story of the truck is a guy out in Omak had it in his field for a while no engine and stuff and there was a forest fire sweeping through so the guy turned on his sprinklers and watered the field and around his house a few days before the fire came. The fire burned down everything but his house the Datsun and his work truck, killed a lot of livestock and some barns but the 521 survived. My buddy saw it on craigslist and went and grabbed
  7. looks good man! interested to see the results!
  8. finally got me a 521....

    1. flatcat19


      Where's the thread? Pics or you bought a Honda.

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