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put a wing on my 2 door!


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the more straight the 510 the more I will pay for one. The best clean 510s dont have wings.


wing with drilled hole decreases it long term value. plus dates it to the 80s on this one.


BUT ITS YOUR CAR do it with what you want but your car is really clean just get a bumper and some better wheels.


clean 510s


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Idk what you mean by code word?


The wing isn't bolted on because I didn't want to put holes in my trunk and decrease the value of the car. It's 3m taped on and I put my bumper back on last night bi was painting it that's why it was off. I personally love the wing. If you guys don't my feelings aren't hurt lol I'm saving up for suspension and clean rims right now. I have the turbo z swastika rims I'm about to put on for now.


And thanks for all the feedback!

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I dont know as to what struts you have. 510 or 280zx

If you have 280zx I think it would be fine as they are 3/4inch more inside the car. If 510 struts zero is getting to stick out or roll the fender alot


Dillon,Franks son on here has the Konig 14x7s and looks great on his Rusty car. Somebody has a photo to post somewhere.BUt IM 99% positive he has 280zx struts. nd T3 camber plates.



-1 neg camber is best for a daily driver 510 I believe. But there are better suspension guys on here or the 510realm.

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i am usually anti spoiler but that looks pretty good stock seats suck you don't want them brides or recaros are great mr2 is a nice inexpensive option I have the same ugly wheels I used to like them in the 80s but hate them now. 280zx with coil overs best for your money rear coil overs cant go wrong with ground control and I don't know about Ermish ones being noisy or not

car is looking good keep up the good work and nice trade

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Yeah I like it. It's simple and clean. Nothing drastic and by looking at it I could tell it would fit damn near perfectly.


And I'm not a fan at all of the rims. Bit they're nicer than steelies in my opinion. I have some turbo z rims I'm about to put on when I return from my trip.


And I have 280 gas in the rear and stock up front. The rear has lowering springs. As the front I have dead shocks and cut springs. But I just picked up a whole set of ground controls for the car all I need is the front 280 struts then I can install them. I also have the 2 inch locking collars for if I want to go even lower!!


And yeah after I researched and saw the stock seats I'm more thankful for these! but I'm aboutto get rid of the whole prelude seats. Because I have some bride zieg low max 3s I'm about to put in as well

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I like spoilers on alot of cars, and then not at all on some cars. I put one on my four door for 2 reasons, 1. To be different. And 2. Because the one i got is old, rare, and looks ok on the car, and has a history from being on a 510 race car.



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