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  1. We are finally within a day of driving this bitch! Got my battery set up in the back of the truck, tank and compressors set, wired, and plumbed, and my gauge panel wired and set. Have one bulk head fitting that's leaking to replace and the final touches on the custom fuel tank that should be finished up tonight/tomorrow. Super bloody excited!
  2. Got the notch cover done, nothing too fancy.
  3. I actually don't have any pictures cause I didn't do the work. I can ask how the rolled lip was done around the radiator cap. I do know only the bare minimum was cut to sink it in and the up/down support in the center was not removed either.
  4. Radiator is for the RX7
  5. Center console is actually mounted with the switches in their place.
  6. So the truck got put on the back burner over the winter, but I've tried to do little things myself here and there. Couple things I messed with and got set in today was my box that I'll have the compressors and air tank in. Got nut serts in for easy removal of the tank/compressors, and holes drilled to mount box to bed as well as where the air lines will go out. Also put down some sound/heat deadener, got 620 seat rails to fit on the Shelby seats and set them in. Set the center console sitting in there to make sure it'll fit right. Getting close to driving this thing. Plan is to drive to Salem OR towards the end of July.
  7. Not sure why my damn pictures are being put that far to the right..
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