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  1. :( what if you have two datsuns and two bmws? my woman is not into cars but always asks if we are taking the ka-t wagon :) took her to a meet the other day. she drove the e30 and i drove the wagon after a full day of helping gab a z car girl. she was all about it. now she has the hots for my e36 sport. to answer your question yolo girls and yuppie/hipster mix girls dont like any car unless its late model and you still owe money on it.
  2. You could modify the top of the end tanks
  3. Can't wait to see more pics of it. Looks bad. How much rust under that vinyl....
  4. Nice man. My wagon might be too modified.
  5. Better not be blue with dark blue slots. Modified wagons are the best!
  6. Tell me about it. Walked into a place called the cutting crew for a hair cut. Wanted me to make an appointment . only one customer in the joint. No hardasses in there. Just gay hipsters.....
  7. Yup I'm going . taking kamikazes seester
  8. Some sort of start relay from inhibitor switch ? Looks like an intercooler? On all my swap cars I delete all that junk. Just run lighting and maybe the washer pump. Depending if its turbo or not. Flat cat nailed it. 73 is awesome slightly more modern wiring
  9. hmm don't think I will keep up on this thread. See you guys at canby hahaha. Can I still troll on ratsun? Talk shit to morons and post dumb things? Boobies? There is a camera and a computer in the house . But am I motivated ? No. Just another turbo wagon...
  10. fresh rebuilt s13 head. New chain set and head set. Rod bearings just for good measure. Just have to pull it. Should take one day. Getting really good at this . This week I installed a fully forged ka into a four door...turbo bum!
  11. fuck those socs !! I stay golden next time Jeff. I'm addicted to it can't wait any longer yup
  12. I don't know but the last few orange seals I've put in ka have been loose. I can put them In easily.
  13. upon closer inspection. I found the culprit . Lower timing chain tensioner failed. It lost its cap that holds pressure. Loose timing chain would cause it to run pretty bad at lower rpms. That second gear pull rattled it completely loose causing it to make its way down the timing cover. The teeth caught it . Chain skipped and well you know the rest... however I did not over rev it! 10 dollar part has caused over $700 in damage. It will need a new head,head set,timing set, and timing cover. I bought the whole engine for half that. What to do. It will be a while until I find a deal like that
  14. totally forgot about oil pump pick up. The oil pan has to come off. Lame! at this point who knows. But the bottom is missing teeth and has a huge chunk of metal embedded in to other teeth. It tore up my timing cover. I'm thinking a new head, chain set and timing cover/oil pump and I'm set. Cruising the gut?
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