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  1. I'm there every once in a while, parents still own it, but I'm brewing now.
  2. In previous years I've done cars and coffee (done at 10:00), the z show (done at 3:00), then the gut (starts at 5). Fun little day. But now I work most Saturdays.
  3. You can get some on your way through to Mac. I work at a brewery, no ice cream just beer.
  4. http://www.draggingthegut.com/#!cruising/c12gy
  5. Starts after 5 I think. Really gets going around 8-9. I work right on third street so I'll just hang around after I get off.
  6. My family's restaurant is celebrating 35 years of business and 25 years of them owning it. Sunday August 17th from 1-3 they are having an all car cruise in and retro priced BBQ ($1 burgers) and free cake and ice cream. Jem 100 Ice Cream in Newberg, 208 N Main St.
  7. Good job Troy. I was worried that was video of me getting squirrely coming out of turn two during the parade lap. Bummer I missed the Hako on Saturday.
  8. I'll be there Sunday also. And maybe RDM after. Depends on how the wife is doing.
  9. Not exactly a whale tail or duckbill, but a spoiler. It seems to fit the 510 pretty well. But it's German I think, also has the Hella logo on it.
  10. Good buy. I was looking at getting this when I was looking for my first 510. I should have bought it. I could have gotten it for $1k around five years ago. Here's the pics they sent me then.
  11. Well shit. I was excited that the back is as low as the front now. But it just looks embarrassing compared to yours.
  12. I'm going Sunday. Anyone coming from south of Portland want to meet up at Altered Motives?
  13. Looks like while I had the strut assembly out I must have spun the camber plate around and loosened the bottom that held the bushing in place. Just had to tighten it back up. Serves me right for getting cheap camber plates.
  14. The nut is tight. The other side has the loosening nut. This is bushing moving around. I just reinstalled the front suspension after replacing ball joints, took it for a drive and this came up. I'll take them back out and see if it's a clip or if it needs replaced. Thanks.
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