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My '76 710 Goon


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Look what I just got in the mail!!!




..... a tasty matchbox from a '79 truck. Actually a Camper Option or Cab Chassis with the dual rear wheels. Vacuum advance works and holds vacuum, shaft is firm and looks like a new cap and wires on it too. Before my goon I thought the sedan was going to be my car forever, so I put my matchbox from my old L20B that was in my truck and has been sitting on the back lawn for 2 years. Figured I might as well use it along with my hi-volume oil pump and 90 amp alt.... hahahaha. Didn''t count on Mrs. d taking it for her own. :angry: So I found one in Victoria and for $50 delivered I got it. The guy held onto it for over a month for me and was great about it. I have a Z22 block coming from a trade and the guy is good enough to throw in a 720 alt. Because the sedan is converted over to IR I'll take my 90 amp alt. back and swap this in. :P (she'll never know)




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Bonvo you're right. My electronic 'manual' reference shows a remote igniter after '74 for California cars. I just went out in the dark and checked... points!!!! I was told the original owners were from California. Maybe it's just a federal emissions car, US for sure. I'll check the emission sticker... later. Friggin cold and snowing like a bitch out tonight.

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Well the weather is just great. Below freezing but sunny and not raining. So, today I had my son come over with his shop jack and we lifted the goon a fat foot in the air and blocked it up. Pulled the wheel off and removed the strut on the pass side. Can't stress enough how much easier it is with an electric impact wrench. I know now that in 2-3 days my back shoulders and arms won't be stiff and sore. Sure allows the enthusiasm to keep you rolling when you aren't struggling with stiff or rusty bolts.



Well The reason for the strut removal is to compare it to the set of '84 Maxima Goon struts that I have. So here are a few oics...


Lined up, the obvious thing is the huge surface area of the Maxima rotors. Pads are what looks like twice the size too. No, the stock 710 13" rims don't clear. This is why I was so hot for those S110 factory 5.5 JJ 14" mags Jason was so kind to part with. Thanks again Jason!





Next, the Maxima strut is a couple of inches shorter! ding ding ding!!!





Then the Maxima coil is larger diameter which is a concern for fitment up into the strut tower. In fact when inserted it almost fits but the 710 had camber plates and there would be no side to side adjustment with this large a spring. The bottom spring mount is in the same location on both struts. (though different in size) The 710 mount could be welded onto the Maxima strut and a shortened 710 spring used? This way the camber plates could be adjusted.




I also have a set of front and rear coil overs...





Maxima strut roughly in place. Meaty looking binders eh?











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are those camber adjustment stock


Likely not. Moog made replacement adjusters 'back in the day'



Cool Mike, my 510 came with maxima struts and unknown springs.


Good to know Scott. I'm not alone on this. I figured they would fit/work just like 280zx. The Maxima is basically a 280zx platform with a different body. (slightly de-tuned so it isn't in competition with it, lol) The rotors are a couple of mm smaller and the caliper different but still nice and big. I like.

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OK again weather is freezing but sunny so I'm diving into the strut disassemble. Thought about it last night and if you can bounce a front end by hand you should be able to compress a spring by hand with a leaver. So this morning I found a 2X12 cedar plank (smaller fir would be as strong and probably better but it's what I had) used the strut to leave an impression and drilled holes for the 3 top strut mounting studs to sit up in. Next I jig sawed a larger hole in the middle so I could unbolt the strut nut. In theory I set the plank under a beam on my wood shed, set the strut upright under the plank with the 3 studs in the holed to anchor it and pulled down on the end of the plank....




And easy as pie it compresses nicely. I look around and there's a 5 gallon pail full to the rim with ice. Hang this on the end of the plank and now free to unbolt the strut nut.




Used my electric impact wrench. Lifted the pail off the end and eased the plank up. It rises maybe a foot higher at the pail end now. With the pressure released I lifted the plank off and collected the parts.


710 and Maxima strut springs...



Maxima strut disassembled...



The first max strut had this up under the top of the spring. It's the rebound bumper. $20 ouch! Have to find something else.




So to finish the morning I separated the second Maxima strut and saved all the parts. The other 710 strut is still on the goon. I plan to shorten the 710 spring at least as short as the Maxima one and maybe a half coil more. This will better fit the shorter travel Maxima strut and stiffen the 710 spring at the same time.


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I rented one once and add in the gas and time to get and return it and if it takes longer you have to re-rent it. Now I can go out back and do it all day when ever I want.


BTW those spring compressors scare the living shit out of me. You can feel the tension in the spring and the twangy sounds it makes. This was easy effortless and fast and I felt safer not being so close cranking those bolts hoping something wouldn't break or slip. I will need help when assembling them though. The strut rod has to be aimed up through the top hat and the nut started. Plus I can 'rent' mine on holidays or at 3AM and no late charges.

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Well it's been a wet week with it clearing today and the forecast is looking good for the weekend. So two things on the agenda. One is to take the '74 sedan up to have it painted. Mrs.d works with a girl who's father in law does this in his spare time. This will clear the driveway so I can move my '77 goon in to 9sigh) strip parts off it. I hate to do this because it is such a damn good runner. But this will give me spare goon specific trim, glass and what not. Second my '76 goon is sitting with the front end a foot and a half off the ground with one strut off. I need to get that other one off and apart this week end and start assembling the springs onto the Maxima struts.

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Car was up in air. I removed the wheel and the strut in about twenty minutes! Damn that was easy. Took the strut apart and cut the 710 spring and attempted to assemble it on a Maxima strut. Yeah that ain't going to work. So I will be modifying my spring compressor so I can get at the threaded strut end to guide it up through the top spring mount and top hat.


I notice the 23K mile 710 strut shocks are nice and firm the unknown Maxima's are .... ok. Has anyone ever tried replacing the strut oil with slightly thicker? Maybe motorcycle fork oil? ATF? Any ideas?

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Well a while back rich (polski ogorki) offered me some rims for my goon and I sure didn't say no. So today he dropped by to deliver them and I got my son to come over and help carry my old L20B from the back yard and put it in his truck.


This poor engine was removed about 2 1/2 years ago from my 620 when it gained about a thousand pounds a 4.11rear end and 33s. It just didn't have the umph to climb hills, push into a head wind and pass on the highway. It was replaced with a Z24. This has been the most reliable motor, having driven it for about 15 years and across Canada and back at least 6 times. Starts on the first bump. Has never left me anywhere. In all those years I only changed the oil and filter and the head gasket about 3 months before I took it out. Faithful and reliable, I but it in the back yard with the air filter on tight and plastic bagged it. I couldn't throw it away.


Hopefully it will find it's way into rich's 510 this summer. Thanks rich for giving her a chance at a new life. And thank you for those rims. I'll post some oics when it's light out. I took rich and Mrs. d over to the shop to see the '74 progress. The Corvette was a priority so nothing to report on the 710 except that the paint is in for it. By the time we got back it was dark but I got a picture of his '74 620 with two L motors in it. :P






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