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  1. I was around at those events back then, a photo would help.
  2. You need to turn the neck in the head to point to the firewall and the heater hose will go right on, then pull the neck out of the block and put a plug back in it. Look at the L16 you pulled out.
  3. I you are going to run a '74 rear bumper you are going to need to modify the tail light panel, the number plate mounts on the bumper. Something to thing about before paint. PM sent International rear bumper
  4. Nice work, you mentioned about going back to stock color but what are some of the other build plan's/details ? What bumper are you looking for ?
  5. The spacer is matched to the control arm by size what is the letter stamped on the control arm ?
  6. Couple of pictures by Tedman at the ADM show,
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