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  1. skunk

    New ratsun n00b

    lol, rockin the rust. hell yeah
  2. skunk

    fri. night after a long week

    i could use more then a few drinks right now, in fact. i think its time for some vodka. cheers to you as well.
  3. skunk

    Canby 2012: Are we there yet?

    i need to find a tent and a ride. Id still like to go regardless of recent events that have took place. to meany friends i only get to see but once a year. think i have a ride there. just need a ride back to Portland Sunday. going to ask some co-workers about a tent tomorrow at work.
  4. i want to build one ^^ bring some crazy boso shit to the states.
  5. skunk

    Canby 12 show

    its in 9 days man
  6. skunk

    Rock crawling 521

    lol, hey i know whos truck that is....
  7. skunk

    OH CRAP!!! this might be bad...

    that's awesome, good job
  8. skunk

    who wants some money before canby?

    yeah, that would be easy compared to last year
  9. skunk

    610 street demon resurection

    looks good man.
  10. skunk

    610 street demon resurection

    nice, more pics from other angle are needed
  11. i really want to go this time.
  12. skunk

    Beaverton Ratsun meets 2010/11

    ill go if anyone is going to show up.
  13. skunk

    Beaverton Ratsun meets 2010/11

    id be down to go get a drink or two.

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