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My '76 710 Goon


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Went on an 1,200 mile trip. Transmission lost about 400ml over 600 miles. Severe noise from rear when coasting. Stops if you give any gas or let off so the vehicle speed turns the engine. I notice when backing up and rolling to a stop it growls too.  

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If it wasn't losing a quart every 1500 miles, I'd say dose it with moly gear additive and see if it quiets down, remarkable stuff.

Since it's leaking (assume from the same rear seal that was just replaced) I'd suspect the last bearing is allowing the shaft to oscillate a tiny bit in the seal so it can't effectively seal anymore.

Chances are you've already got a replacement that's ready, or can be ready to swap out, and the existing one can be yellow tagged.

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I filled it last summer and hardly drove it. This year I looked and the seal area was wet and it was down almost a liter of the two it can hold. Topped it up, replaced the seal and after about 600 miles this year it was down 400ml of the 2000 when full. So something is fucked and I have a 280zx tail laying around. I'll pull the transmission and swap it. I really like this transmission... '85 S12 CA18ET wide ratio 5 speed with L front case. 




I'm confident the noise is well to the rear over my shoulder. The rearmost part of the transmission is the shifter which is more or less by my knee. I pulled the axles out yesterday. This morning I found my two spare H-165 axles from a 710 goon. These two bearings are smooth to turn and seem to have less play in them. I just re-did the wheel cylinder on one side and both sets of shoes. These will all have to be swapped to the 'new' axles.


Then take for a drive. If the rattle growl isn't fixed then it has to be the differential. This is a shitty way to find out but doesn't cost anything and the axles would have to come out anyway.. I really like this 4:11 differential with the wide ratio transmission. It really revs quick. No problem going around a corner in town in 3rd. Forth and fifth in town though fifth is for steady speeds. If the differential is noisy then must be a bearing. I have a spare 3:70 for parts. Or have the 4:11 rebuilt. Worth the cost.

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All adjusters, wheel cylinders and shoes swapped onto the other axles. Ordered and installed new seals for the axle tube. One pre made brake line as the one was buggered getting it off. Axles in and ready to bleed the brakes. Hope this works but I don't know.... the original axle bearings are not obviously bad. Wish they were.

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Finally got the brakes bled. ALWAYS BLEED THE MASTER FIRST. I guess the fluid siphoned out over the days it's been sitting. The reservoir looked kind of low and by the time I got around to bleeding the lines must have been full but barely a dribble and the vacuum pump didn't help. After two days I opened the rear bleeder on the master and nothing came out. Took two full pumps to get anything, after the 3rd I closed it and a quick couple of pumps on each rear wheel and the pedal is like stepping on a brick now.


Top up the transmission while it's in the air and take it out on the highway to see if it was a wheel bearing or (shudder) a differential bearing.

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