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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!


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Nismo / Rays 16x7" s with Kumho 245/50/16 tires.

In my opinion, i think they're too tall....

have to run 1" spacers in front and 1.5" spacers in back to keep from rubbing frame.

I would like to get a set of 215/45/16's to create more space and so I can get a little lower.


but, I like the wheels!

The old chrome / red Cragars are still my favorite though!











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so not to sound like an idiot but do any 6 chevy or gmc rims bolt on to a 620?


Pretty sure almost all of the chevy/gmc truck wheels will fit. You will have to either machine your hubs down or have the centers bored out to fit over the stock hub. I have run cadillac escalade wheels(eskies) on both of my datsuns.

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So...I painted mine. I guess that they aren't really any different than before...but man they sure make they truck look different!:cool:


I was hoping for an older vibe...like a stock 50's Chevy...lowered and lookin cool...only a Datsun:D




I used a color that is not really grey, not really tan, not white...really cool!

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My 66 L520 before leaving San Diego with 15 inch slots.


Here are the 265 50 15 tires on the slots


Here is my 1963 NL320 with 15 inch Chevy Ralleys and 195 65 15 tires. Just barely clears without rubbing. The back is usually not that close, but after loading over 2000 lbs of stuff in the back and then loading it on the trailer for the trip to WA, it made it squat...


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