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  1. wasn't it over 3 million miles, volvo P1800? I think the guy is still driving it.
  2. Well 3 years later I still have the car. I have been putting it around the yard from time to time. Last week, out of being bored, I decided I was going to drive this thing to my friends last show of the season. That is this week Saturday. He is the friend that originally sold me the car. Last weekend I put a GM alternator on it, got it to charge again, messed with the carbs, installed a radio, and put plates and ins on it. I drove it 150 miles so far including a 80 mile trip to work and back. I didn't even wash it, just cleaned the windshield.
  3. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    The Iron Duke is about as reliable and bulletproof as they come. I ran them for years in a few different S-10's, they were never fast but rather indestructible. About 8 years ago I bought a 86 Chevy S-10 , was iron duke with a 4 speed, guy ran it out of oil, drove it till it threw a rod threw the side of the block. I gave 200$ for the truck, drove it 45 miles home, never added oil (no point, would just run out the side). It hammered all the way home at 55-60mph, smoking like a train. Just when you thought it was done, bout to give up on hope, it would start to run better again. For about a month of 10-20 mile daily trips here and there with it, the engine just didn't want to give up. Then on my way back home, it started to hammer really loud as if it wasn't loud already, a big bang, clank, etc... I pushed in the clutch and it died. I coasted almost the rest of the way to my house.... all there was between me and home was a large hill. I parked the truck on the side of the road, walked home, went to bed. The next morning, went back to the truck, hit the key, let it crank for a bit and it started back up but man was it running sick. I matted the gas to the floor, get some r's up, started easing up the clutch pedal, barely had enough left in her to get up the hill at 5-10mph. I pulled it in front of the garage where I had an engine ready to replace it and that was the last time it ran.
  4. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    I had the flathead in the truck by removing the exhaust manifold, with enough room for a radiator and fan... but the engine is stuck solid and I cant get it to free up. And the iron duke is a GM 2.5L 4 Cylinder found in first generation Chevy S-10, 120hp and 140ftlbs of torque..... not the same engine as the Flathead V8
  5. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    An iron duke is far more dependable and cheaper than a L16. For the cost to convert the L16 to electronic ignition I can buy a complete running Iron duke. Plus its not like if I need something for a Datsun, any junkyard or anyone around here would have anything.
  6. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    I gave a running and driving car for that flathead, I'm not very happy that its stuck. I'm trying to get the guy to swap back as I refuse to give him the title to my car until I feel satisfied in the deal. The guy said I can get my car back if I trade him my volvo amazon..... but still I'm stuck with a no good chunk of iron. Right now I'm just planning on putting the new 521 back together using my other one. I do have ideas buzzing threw my head on what powerplant I'd like to swap into it. Part of me just wants to put a L16 and 4 speed in it. I even had ideas on putting a Pontiac 151 and 5 speed from a S-10/Sonoma keeping it fuel injected.... make a dependable truck out of it. I also have a 4.3L Chevy V6 as well as a 3.8L Chevy V6 just laying around. I don't think the Olds 403 will fit very well in a 521. I guess we all will have to wait and see what I come up with.
  7. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    Well its not looking good for the flat head. I was told it was ready to run, after a few weeks of my and my dad trying to get the motor unstuck, we gave up. It will need completely disassembled and rebuild. The work on that engine is not something I'm wanting to get into right at this time. On the plus side i just found another Datsun 521! It appears to be better off than the one I was planning on building, so it looks like my original one is a parts truck.
  8. Suspect

    Leaving a pic of my 68 Galaxie

    Thanks guys, hope for some more storms but not too soon, I have work to do. Guess I'll add the black and white version to this as well.
  9. Suspect

    1970 Plymouth Duster 5MGTE swap

    I just voiced my opinion, used my galaxie as a reference / example, then was attacked saying my galaxie aint shit. I never claimed it to be anything but an old car. Its a car I fall back on when its either drive that or not go to work. It needs a ton of work, motor is tired, transmission leaks, rear end leaks, frame is rusty, the rubber components (bushings ball joints) have rotted off, tires on it are dated 93, but to this day its never let me down. Its truly an original car, with 45 years or use and under maintained. I would like to quit driving it and spend some time on it, but my 98 GMC Sonoma just won't keep going down the road. It has 140k on it but it cant accomplish an 80 mile daily trip to work and back.... but the Galaxie will. In fact I'll be towing the sonoma to the scrap yard with the galaxie just because I'm tired of messing with it. I'm not totally against injected vehicles. I have a S-10 with a mild TBI 350 with a borgwarner 5 speed. It gets 23mpg daily driving, pull off to the drag strip and run 13.9's on street tires, then go home. The S-10 is a 89, had a 4.3L TBI in it so the swap was simple and effective. I built that truck in 2002 in high school, only replaced the parts I've broke beating the crap out of it. You are right, I don't have money to drive out there. Last time I took a trip in my galaixe, I went to Missouri, spent 10 days running around, end up spending 1200$ in gas. I'm not looking forward to another costly trip like that. I don't change oil any more, I run a 2000 ton transfer press stamping parts for GM and Honda make $12.25 / hr....... And apparently I'm suppose to feel good about making 12.25 / hr because the average worker at that plant makes 10. Its a dangerous job, people have lost their lives, lost their hands, been crushed by a loaded bin, got crushed in a press, know of a young single mother that got her leg crushed, had to be amputated, list goes on and on, thats just what I seen in the last year.
  10. Suspect

    1970 Plymouth Duster 5MGTE swap

    I drove many many cars in my life already. So far I haven't been impressed by very many of them. I drove a 07 Chrysler Crossfire, was kinda impressed by it only haveing a V6 in it and being resonably fast. My old bosses Cadillac Escalade was rather impressive sideways. There is a 4.6L GT mustang here my dad took on trade, its a terd. The only impressive thing I saw made by toyota was this old toyota corolla that came in for an oil change, it never had any oil in it, just a crusty dry drain plug and not a drip from the oil pan. He came in every 3000 miles, dry as a bone, didn't knock or anything oil light solid on. Nothing new really is overly impressive to me. Even if they are a good car or a fast car, I just cant get over the "cheap" disposable feel of them. There are some new technology (new to an old car) things I like and would do to a vintage car, delayed wipers, electronic ignition, internally regulated alternators, disk brakes, etc, but I certainly would never put a modern injected engine in a vintage car.
  11. Suspect

    1970 Plymouth Duster 5MGTE swap

    Its not that I don't know how to tune it, just means that something is wrong with it..... or perhaps it has rolled the odometer over so many times I lost track. It used to get 30mpg 10 years ago and 3 wraps of the odometer ago. BTW I never said my galaxie was fast, but I'll humor you its so fast your lexus don't have a chance today, tomorrow, or any day ever of beating my galaxie.... NOW all you have to do is drive you pos lexus from Colorado to here and race it... if you don't show, I win, and your lexus is still a pos.
  12. Suspect

    1970 Plymouth Duster 5MGTE swap

    I drive a 68 Galaxie, 390 FE Big Block.... Bad gas mileage is part of the car, I get 9mpg and don't complain about it. Technically anything less than 30mpg is bad gas mileage, where do you draw the line? I had a tired 63 Mercury Meteor Wagon with a 260ci V8. It got 19mpg average all the time, car weighed 4000lbs. I've had Datsun 620's that barely got over 20mpg, they are slow, and what are you actually gaining under powering a vehicle just to get sub par mileage anyways? You are going to have to rev the crap out of it all the time just to keep up with a Chrysler minivan. Torque moves them cars easily getting 18-20mpg....
  13. Me and a friend have been chasing storms for a decade now, capturing some cool stuff on storms. Last night we had an idea to stick my car in the background and try to capture lightning behind it. Well we only got one good shot, I hope to get some others soon. the original I was thinking of trying it with one of my Datsun's as well, whenever I get one on the road again.
  14. Suspect

    72 521 might end up with a V8

    Well I had the flathead almost set in place to see what had to be done. Looks like I'm going to have to do something with exhaust manifolds, the drivers side hits on the steering box. On the passenger side the starter hit the motor mount just before it was low enough to slide back. I should have taken pictures with it almost in, I had the coil (above the crank pulley) under the core support.
  15. Suspect

    mrbigtankers 521

    I been scrolling threw pages and pages trying to find the part where you decide to pull the L motor and put a FJ in it... I only made it to page 40 after an hour and gave up. Can you tell me the short version of what happened?

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