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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!


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i have Titans on my Frontier, so i put the stock fronty wheels on the 620. but really i like the stockers, which i just repainted white, no tires or pics yet with the white. the white stripes were dry-rotted pretty bad.


can see both my trucks wheels here


here a silver stocker pic, this was before the blocks in the back, i like the racked look. i guess i need to re-index the bars now.


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Here's a pic of the driver's side rear tire/ wheel on my '77 620 KC. As you can see, I'm going stock/ low budget on this work truck. Tire is a Dean Alpha 365 P185/75R14. I used a wire wheel on my electric drill to strip the rusty wheel down to bare metal before primer paint, then finished it with Rustoleum Smoke gray gloss enamel in a rattle can. I was able to get most of the rust off of the stock hubcap using # 00 steel wool with Windex. I used a wire wheel on my electric drill for the very rusty cap center ring. I still have to do all other wheels yet.





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what 17" rims are those Denver?


Stock 2008 GMC Yukon rims...got them for 50 bucks a piece...:eek: BRAND NEW!


Well..almost:D the guy had a hundred miles on them I guess...somethin like that.:rolleyes:


Need to get those little datsun stickers for the center caps...so it doesn't say "GMC" anymore.:blink:

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Oh, what the hell. I'll whore 'em out again......


My SSR's :) :



...nothing but lip.....



The New:



....and ancient history:



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WOW....am I the only one of us that is runnin OLD SKOOL slot mags?????????



First truck had these:



Then I picked up these:



If I had followed thru w/ the original plans (RX7 frontend/Z32 rear) I'd be running them today, but plans changed and I didn't go 5-lug. Oh well. Someday maybe.



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Red, White and Blues!


I've been debating on what to run while it's in project mode. old style chrome pathfinders always looked nice, titan/armada's look tight but every one has them these days. guess I'll get it figured out sooner or later! :)

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18x8 infiniti qx56 wheels. had them on there for about 3 years, and still never driven the truck. Gonna sell em soon and get some billets, 20's and 22's once the bodydrop is finished and the economy comes back.




what size body drop you plan on going with? to be honest I've never seen a datsun lay out with 20's+ that hasn't had the bed, hood/fenders hacked up.

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