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  1. def cool, but not so functional... it seriously would be alot of work to go FWD.. but so is puting any other swap in tho.. ideally i want a ca18det with an auto tranny on stock boost. but theres not alot of info on that in a 521. i mention the idea of a rwd CA18det with a FWD CA18 top mount intercooler on a 240sx forum and they were like GOood luck with that and gave me every reason why it wouldn't work.. lots of help they are.. over there you have to have a map to do things. here it's all about what you can dream up.. i love it only problem for me is i have so many ideas it's hard
  2. i just saw an awd ca18det on ebay. motor tranny ecu everything... might be a cool swap but i think you still need the subframe to tie everything together. i was looking at one of my old swaps i did on my photobucket, just looking at an empty 93 civic engine bay there looks like more space between the frame rails then between the frame rails of a 521 frame. but if you were to widen it by a few inches for a section i think mounting a honda subframe wouldn't be to bad. it also has a rear engine mount on the subframe to line everything up for the other mounts.steering rack is already t
  3. i've seen in two cases where someone welds a subframe under the truck frame to either go V8 or like the miata build. Makes me wonder if welding a FWD subframe under the front and making it FWD is plausible. like a SER sr20 combo, or a honda sub. with a H22 or somethen wild ya know... would be weird but def. different....Can't see it being any harder then whats already been done on here. what do you guys think?
  4. yup trucks only.. hopefully this thread can motivate some.. also on top of showing off your pics, if you had to do mods to fit them explain briefly what you did. might help with questions about spacers and machining hubs for particular wheels
  5. Everyone should thrown down a side picture of what your "truck's" running for wheels! underneath post if you had to mod to fit-
  6. oh right on, i kinda had figured he'd be on here cause the datsun community seems pretty close. i'd like to see picks of the kit on a 521, then i'll kick down the casholla for some stoppage.
  7. I found these on ebay today, now this guy makes front and rear kits. they use parts from an isuzu and his brackets. anyone run these before? they don't look bad. i know the rear Calipers are easy to find at the junk yard and the rotors are cheap as well. what do you guys think? Rears- http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-520-521-620-Rear-Brake-Caliper-Brackets_W0QQitemZ190333658110QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item2c50c523fe&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245 well i was gonna post a link to his fronts, but he must be in the relisting mode.either way keep an eye ou
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