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  1. Body sold as a complete body.
  2. Well the Monster Datsun made it to my home in Ellensburg WA. I have the 64 NL Body with Title and VIN plate for sale as well as a bunch of parts from two L 320 trucks I parted out. Let me know what you need and I’ll take pictures of what I have available.
  3. So I broke down and ordered a new electronic distributor with new coil for the MG’s. It does not have the lock down plate. What mods have you guys had to do to get the new distributor and the old plate to work together?
  4. My 320 is already converted to negative ground so I want sure if there was a difference for the starter. Thanks again!!
  5. Positive ground or negative?
  6. What MG starter did you use?
  7. Yes it is from an early MGB It was hoped to be paired with the cannon intake and ever DCOE 40 after I eventually rebuild the engine.
  8. Well I replaced the condenser and still no spark. So I guess I’ll replace the coil next. Any other thought? Ideas?
  9. garryk6

    Subaru AWD?

  10. garryk6

    Subaru AWD?

    He did a whole build thread somewhere I remember. Mazda Miata running gear grafted to Datsun. Frame.
  11. garryk6

    Subaru AWD?

    If you look up MX520 in you tube it will give you the ideas of the level of work entailed with such a swap.
  12. garryk6

    Sung's Garage

    Yeah, my 3.89 came out of a 720 when I was stationed in San Diego in the early 2000’s. There were plenty in the “Pick your part” yards. Flat rate on any like part. Rear diff centers were usually 49.99 but one a month they would have a Saturday that was “half off everything “. So I think I paid $24 for my gears! garry
  13. I should have an extra. I can’t remember if I have a shaft but I have a handle too.
  14. Yes! Got it years ago and held onto it.
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