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  1. 86720 ST

    Power windows

    Do I need the complete harness from under the dash? I have the harness coming from the doors when I took them off of my old truck.
  2. 86720 ST

    Power windows

    I have a 85 ST with manual windows, and I have some door with power windows. Will my truck with the manual windows have the wiring for the power window doors?
  3. 86720 ST

    Power Steering pump

    Thank you I received the part today
  4. 86720 ST

    Power Steering pump

    i have the banjo bolt
  5. 86720 ST

    Power Steering pump

    I'm looking for part # 49787 in the picture. The Nissan part # 49587-04f00
  6. 86720 ST

    Power Steering pump

    I need the fitting on the ps pump where the pressure line would connect to.
  7. I do have another one. One blue and one black
  8. I have one. I'm local too
  9. 86720 ST

    81 4x4 part out

    How much for the center console? I'm in Sacramento so you don't have to ship it.
  10. 86720 ST

    What size tires for Titan rims to fit my 84 720?

    I'm running a 225/40/18
  11. 86720 ST

    Back from the BONE YARD! bagging my 720 kcab

    lookin good :thumbup:
  12. 86720 ST

    What did you do to your truck today?

    I got my heater working. I had to replace the switch on the dash
  13. 86720 ST

    tonneau cover 620

  14. 86720 ST


    I want to put a shorter shifter in my 720, any suggestions. What will work as direct replacement
  15. 86720 ST

    620 out line

    Can you do 720 king cab like that with the same wheels?

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