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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!


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Here are the 18" escalade wheels that i'm running on my bagged and bodied 78 620 KC






The 17" eskies that I had on my 73 620




You either have to machine the hubs down or bore out the centers to run either wheel.

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what size body drop you plan on going with? to be honest I've never seen a datsun lay out with 20's+ that hasn't had the bed, hood/fenders hacked up.


The body drop is just over 2 1/2 inches. Its a 1 1/2 inch stock floor, and a 1 1/4 inch traditional with a hardbody clip. Just enough to get the rockers on the ground minus the pinch weld.






This truck is on 20's with a real meaty tire and a toyo clip. I have no doubts about the wheels fitting with the tire sizes im going to run, and the wheel i will be using.

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Guest Rick-rat

The center caps are just plain caps with decals, got the caps from a place in portland and decals from Edecals,com


Had the 720 hooks when I got it ,dont seem to snagged as bad or as often as with the stock hooks

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here is a few rim setups that I have...


on my first 73 Datsun I had these on it, 15X8



on the second 73 Datsun I had these 13" gold / chrome spoke wheels



also on the same 73, painted it flat black and put these 15" steel rims on it



on my 77 Datsun I have 17" 100 Spoke chrome



on my 74 Datsun I usually run 18" rims on conversion 5 lug adapters



I also tried these 17" rims out with too large of tires




I have a few other rims that I haven't even tried yet. I have a set of slots that are 6 lug. I also have a pair of hoosier slicks on 12" wide 15" steel rims. I have a set of 15" chevy malibu wheels that I use to store my 74 in the winter. With all the rims I have, I'm still looking for more.

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