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Show Off Your TRUCK Wheels!


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These are the COSMIS RACING XT-206R wheels in 20x10.5 with a 4 offset.





Selling the ENKEI RT-6 wheels. never even mounted them they are now sitting in the cosmis racing boxes ready to go.

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Hey all. Looking to get wheels and tires for my 620 soon. Will be lowered on 3" blocks and non-reindexed in the front. The ones I'm looking at only come in either et-19 for the 15x8 or et0 for the16x8. I am concerned about clearance. I would like to be as close to flush without turning clearance issues or rubbing under load. Seems like the -19s will not really be an option, right? I will also also have to be careful with the profile on the tire, too right? What can I get away with on a 215 or 225?





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Got some 15x8 (Epsilon?) Raguna D-Force wheels for the 520 for 500$ CAD (it was a steal compared to the ones on ebay!). Put some 205-50-15's on them. 


Lost the Portuguese and German inscrpitons «Campeao Do Mundo / Das beste auf der welt» when it got blasted and powder coated but didnt feel to spend hundreds to have them re-anodized and lasered to get the inscriptions back !







Before :





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