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New Ratsun Logo


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Hey I agree it makes me think of Ratsun Ale.....I think its cool but I like the logo now....everytime I look at it and think of urban dictionary.




That frankenstein out in your garage assembled from a variety of different datsuns and nissans, of course... none of them fit quite right. They tend to have a flat black or similar finish, not really because it looks cool, but because it covers up the countless collage of dings, bings, dents, and scratches in your sheet metal. There is at least 10 times the amount of money you paid for the vehicle put into your air bag system, because we all know you needed to drop that extra .739 inches. A spray painted "Rising Sun" covers your hood. There's a good chance the engine has parts from different models/brands/countries. You traded for most of them, And everything else in it you made yourself or cannibalized from god knows what. You've probably sold 1 or 2 projects halfway through because your broke as shit, but that's ok, you'll probably just buy another. Your a proud member of ratsun.net, and if not, you should be!


Ratsuns should not be confused with "Minitruck", minitrucks = money.


Ratsun- That red/blue/black/orange/primered thing you saw broke down at the old school car show last week.

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Though I too am quite partial to our beloved Ratsun logo and sticker designs, we must bear in mind that kiznook lives in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. Maybe he's brewing up the Mt. Rainier Chapter of Ratsun. Why not a local logo? You Aussie members could use Ayers Rock or Sydney Tower or what have you.



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