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Ink Thread!

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This is a portrait of my late mother when she was in her senior year of high school. I had it done locally in the San Jose area. Left arm, single needle, two sessions, and 6.5-7 hours total. This was my first tattoo.


My right arm has a reservation for my daughter's senior portrait.



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Haha okay here is my random tattoos. They all have meaning, most of them long stories.


Left arm:Guess what the dino is from :)


Right Wrist:


Left Shoulder:Hehe gettin the Z tat.




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wow those are really sweet. What are the hearts styled after? I love the script on the first one hehe... very well done


the one on the right in the picture is based off a random heart i came up with when i was doodling in school.....and the other one is another one that i sketched out randomly one time.....i didn't get to scan the sketch before i took it to the tattoo guy and i never got it back

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is that the sinclair gas station dinosaur?


Sinclair oil company yes :) it has ties to a lot of family roadtrip memories from my childhood. Reminds me of my dad, I have 4 brothers and sisters, and the likelihood of us all going on a roadtrip again is... 0%


and I like how its also a symbol for my car hobby, and only some people know what it is. I'm amazed at how many people in the car scene don't recognize it, but then again its more of a east coast/midwest kinda thing. A good majority of their stations are on old historic routes now.

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i totally understand that kind of tattoo i have a price is right tattoo cause my oldest memory is me watching price is right with my dad.my brother is a year older then me so when he started first grade the only time alone i got with my dad was when he was at school.so we watched price is right every morning. i guess i should take a picture and post it sometime.

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Left arm:Guess what the dino is from :)



is that the sinclair gas station dinosaur?


that is the first thing I thought of also, you see alot of those back in Nebraska and in Iowa.

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well alright I guess I can play at this also




this is one that is on my calf, and thats all that I have on this computer. but I do have more tats, as I am full sleeved, and upper back and almost finished on my right calf

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