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Ink Thread!

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Saw an old 3 year old thread that had a few pix... Decided it wasn't worth bringing back! So post your ink!


My Horimono/Yakuza/Bosozoku style chest piece:




Took over 3 hours to do all you see there... hurt like a bitch. Still needs coloring and I want to do the other side too!




My Chi-Rho... First tat. Religious and historical reference!




Let's see what you got!

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Well its def hot, will look better too when the color is done.


Here is mine, nothing too crazy. I drew up the chick pissing and the bar code is from felt guards lol, you put them under glass table tops.



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Guest 510kamikazifreak
I got drunk with some buddies. Woke up over hung and broke, and sore. Seeing this was no help when I bent over to hurl.




Umm need to use the charmin Mike I see fluff balls :lol::eek:

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Magic the gathering arm (blurry pic sorry) Balthor, and the big Leviathan



Ichorid and Platinum Angle



robot arm



MTG arm again with Damnation showing on my hand



robot arm and the squid on my other hand cropped the hand funny, the tentacles go around a couple fingers.

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I have "commitment" issues, so I probably will not be able to pick a Tat EVER!

My hats off to all of you!


Dude I have a chick pissing on my back, its just ink lol. Dive on in there before it's too late.....

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here is my back piece that is stupid big... you can see some progression in the pictures









That must have taken hours to do.

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I don't have any of my 1/2 sleeve, its of Raijin the Japanese thunder god, jumping out of the clouds, banging his drums and throwing lighting. Ill need to post some pics of it later.


This is my first tat. I wanted it for years because I was born year of the dragon. I got it 8 years ago.



On a whim I wanted a UV tat. For a "test" I got Chinese calligraphy down my forearm. If it ended up invisible in normal light as I've seen on others, I was going to get hot rod flames on my right forearm.

This was the first pass, I had it touched up later.



Sadly, after a year you could still see the scar from the tattooing process. Everyone asked if I was burned LOL... So no hot rod flames for me.



Its been about two years now after having it touched up, its faded even more then in that last pic, but you can still see it. Under black light, it glows pretty good, its just too bad I scar so easy.

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