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  1. I have a pair of pop out windows with hinges. Some rust but nothing that cant be fixed. 50 bucks plus shipping
  2. Have not been to the site in 6 month wow....time to get back into the swing of things

  3. Have not been to the site in 6 month wow....time to get back into the swing of things

    1. paradoxx


      what were you waiting for? Christmas? Go on and get updated! ;)

    2. H5WAGON
  4. I have a vg30 4 door with megasuirt, turbo, ......6000 obo. Needs to be finished....going through divorce
  5. I have some. 20 bucks and you can get them....Puyallup WA
  6. I need to get back into the 510 groove....crap. Picked up a 600hp daily and been ignoring my old girl....

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    2. RedBanner


      it would be expensive, 6 built a series motors stuffed into a little car, but it would sound awsome

    3. I'm BLUE
    4. banzai510(hainz)
  7. Indeed that truck is ingreat shape for a 521 but I think you missed the boat...I just sold mine for 1500 and it too was pretty solid for a 521 but it had the original paint.....sold to a guy in kenmore
  8. i can check by this weekend and ill get some pics up today
  9. I have a VR6 radiator that fits perfect in a 510 between the frame rails. Will cool a KA CA and of course a VG. No filler so you will have to use a moroso inline like I did for the VG. Has one Saab fan . 50 bucks if interested I can take pics
  10. reply and pics sent....1500.....well worth it. any questions on body and appearance questions pm pumpkin210 he looked at the truck first hand while parked down in puyllup two days ago. it was my daily for a long time....nothing wrong
  11. Sorry for being up and down, back and forth on this sale. IT IS for sale again. Anyone interested call me at 2533188787 or email me at vg30dimeguy@hotmail.com. I can get some pics up tommorow after work. Like I said its pretty clean, minor issues, runs great, brand new weber, everything works.....was my daily. Fun little truck
  12. change of plans already. I have to keep it for a bit....mod please delete my post and I wil repost when Its ready for sale
  13. ok ok what am i thinking......1600 firm as hell.....good runner pics if you interested. my daily driver
  14. I am throwing my daily up for sale. It is a 71 521. Runs great for my daily. Good condition body, couple dents, little rust on front fenders, one rust dent and rockers. Runs great, everything works. Has bumperettes. Stock wheels. Bench seat was mint until i sat with a screwdriver agh!!!!! The good: Starts right up every morning and runs good Brand new weber carb Matchbox dist Original paint in actually good shape for age The bad: Has rust holes under rocker to inside....needs welding. Windsheild leaks...both bads go with the territory of a 71 datsun. Eventually needs kingpins 1800 obo . Text 253 318 8787 and I will reply Need it gone soon if im gonna sell for a new car
  15. come get this l20 out of my back yard.....it was in my garage until last week now its outside. its free....i dont know much about motor internals but i know it locked up and there was tons of copper colored shavings in the oil .....i just want it gone
  16. this month I have been doing more head scratching than work on the 510. I really want to build seperate runner turbo headers that tie into a collector. I tried and tried to get the best route for each runner to clear the obstacles like the motor mounts, oil filter access and room for the down pipe. I decided that design for my project may be a little too complex for the tools and time I have to get this thing back on the road. I decided to build basic log manifold. I know they do ot flow nearly as well as the initial design plan but maybe later I will build a more complex free flowing set....I just want this car back on the road sooner than later ;) Anyways I got a huge start on fabbing one of the two manifolds. It took me about eight hours and I still havent welded in the wastegate but making progress. with the turbo mounted....i think i have to raise the flange two inches for more clearance and options to point the air oulet going to the fmic....oh the challenges... wastgate will be mounted just behind the passenger headlights and a divorced dump tube is going to dop right through the factory hole behind the headlights where there is already a rubber plug Painted the core satin black and permantley mounted the intercooler in its home [ i still need two more STI injectors, oil feed and return lines. weld a pipe to a hole in my oild pan, finish the other side log mani and should be ready to tune and fire also have to
  17. would like to use the ones i have installed....two bosch 30ampers.....bmw elipsoids and mercedes yellows...with higher wattage bulbs are too much for the stock setup
  18. yes I know this is a worn out subject and information has been given about how to do this over and over again.I myself was given a diagram at one time to relay my lights and I did it but for the life of me cannot find where I put it. I searched alot of stuff on the web and couldnt find it either :( I want to use two relays and redo my headlight circuit. Does anyone have a schematic I can follow again ??? Sory fellas. I have looked at the couple of schematics on the web like the audi one and the 510/1600 one but neither show the 510 harness colors ect. And I still stumble when understanding relays controling ground side of things
  19. megasquirt wired....subi sti injectors wired up...now for a year of trying to build turbo headers....shit

  20. interested in a black with white logo to fit on the threads of my stock 521 4 speed. pm me with info and i wil get you payment...thanks
  21. here is a few updates....let me tell you...super discouraging to take a step back to take a huge step forward if you know what i mean. Everytime I turn around I am dismantling something I already took time to do once before. Sometimes I wonder how I figured it out in the first place and also why am I taking my running VG car apart...ha ha but like everything else...if I dont mess with it then it will get old to me so......here are some pics. Nothing important...just some goodies I have been saving for and a start on the entire project ahead of me. Hope to be at Canby next year Behind the grill fatty intercooler....painting the entire core support black also ;0 I know parts pics are like wtf bfd....but more pics to come with each one installed....all flanges, megasquirt 2, wideband o2, tial wastegate, turbo xs rfl blow off, STI 560cc injectors, GM air and coolant sensors sorry for pics of parts...I really dont give a shit either when I see parts pile posts either ;0 Ive got a couple more things to collect before I make it all happen, turbo feed and return lines, weld els and tubing for turbo headers, two more STI injectors ...DAMN 4CYL'S, charge pipe piping and a different radiator ad maybe some patience if im lucky
  22. Theres no really no buffing thats gonna be involed........buy tr3 polishing compound....wash it...use tr3 then wax it and it will look new. I just did this this weekend :)
  23. WOW! That is one of the cleanest 510s Ive seen on here. It kinda takes the project out of 510! NICE!!!!! Looks better than my new 521 (same color) and I thought that was clean :)
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