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heres my contribution... ive always had a thing for simpler tattoos so i dont have fancy sleeves or nothing



juest finished the brass knuckles in that pic, it also shows the crimson ghost(misfits), the gas mask(a band i was in), and the brass knuckles, wich i hand drew, and the unfinished star sleeve wich i didnt now how i wanted to end.




and this is upon finished getting my cheeks pierced.

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Sinclair oil company yes :) it has ties to a lot of family roadtrip memories from my childhood. Reminds me of my dad, I have 4 brothers and sisters, and the likelihood of us all going on a roadtrip again is... 0%


and I like how its also a symbol for my car hobby, and only some people know what it is. I'm amazed at how many people in the car scene don't recognize it, but then again its more of a east coast/midwest kinda thing. A good majority of their stations are on old historic routes now.


There is a Sinclair here with a big fiberglass dino out front still.

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Alright I am an avid ink addict.. I just gotta post in this one lol.



The tree is now mostly shaded in...



Now that the has been added to.




Its no where near done yet. I have most of it oulined now. It wraps around my right leg, there are four more ravens that I am not going to be showing yall do to their location :fu: I do plan on having it wrap over my left shoulder and do a half sleeve with it as well. There is a lot to fill in still, but like I said, its no where near done.

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heres my contribution... ive always had a thing for simpler tattoos so i dont have fancy sleeves or nothing


You have pink hair! :D .. Just incase you didn't notice.. :P


Are you going to add anything to that gas mask?



i might. im not sure yet. i wa thinking about like.. tramp stampish smoke following my collarbone. i dunno for sure

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