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    DD: '13 Ford Focus "Long Gone": '08 Impreza, '79 810 Wagon, '07 Titan, '90 300ZX
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    Datsuns, Bluebirds, Z's!
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  1. zetozeto99


    Haha... I was the guy that bought it from you! This car has come a long way... funny that 4 owners of this car are on this site!
  2. Just wanted to stop by and say HI to the old Ratsun community! Hope you have all been well! Still Datsun-less here.... work and school run my life!

    1. ArchetypeDatsun


      Hey buddy how's it going? Thanks for stopping by and don't worry datsuns always find a way back trust me you'll end up with another maybe this one? http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/4132436603.html

  3. Where have all the Datun's gone?

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    2. Dat Lurka
    3. FoxyRoadster
    4. MikeRL411


      My guess is that the "Datuns" are in search of an "S", that's a single letter despite the pronounciation.

  4. The below air-dam was an MSA S30 Z-Car Air Dam. It needed to be trimmed a bit but nothing drastic. It's doable... obviously. myz32rocks Before: After:
  5. SOLD!!!! Bitter/Sweet... she will be missed. But you are bound to see her on the boards here again soon.
  6. It's pretty much a done deal. I just have to deliver the car a short distance. Really glad it's going to someone who appreciates it and is a part of the Ratsun community.
  7. Someone please buy this! Come look at it today! Throw me to serious offer! Give her a good home!
  8. Someone please buy this! Come look at it today! Throw me to serious offer! Give her a good home!
  9. Nice. Had a picture of a black JDM 810 somewhere.... I played around with and that idea. I'm sure it would look pretty cool. Replied to your PM. Hope to hear from you soon.
  10. I hear ya.. probably not the best time of the year to be selling a car either unless its a Holiday gift... Haha.. thanks, man. Glad to hear there are some people that appreciate the vision I had for this car. It's a damn rare gem. But I think that is a double edged sword and works against as well. Hopefully it gets picked up by someone who understands this like some of you guys do. Haha.. she's here still if you ever decide to make the trek... More like frustrated. I half meant that. Not sure what is gonna happen if I can't sell her soon... Man.. 2 years? I hope it's long gone by then! ;) Still available so far. I am very motivated to sell it!
  11. ^ haha... ^ I was wondering when someone else would chime in about that... Thanks, Brother... will shoot you a PM in a bit. Have had a few looky-looers come out and look at her the past week. Really wanted her gone this week but it looks like I may be stuck with her for a bit longer. At this point I just wish I could keep her rather than have a bunch of people who are unappreciative of such a nice/rare Datto come out and look at her and say: "It's not a 510?"... But alas. I'm in a position where I just got to let her go. Thanks for looking guys!
  12. Yeah. Can't do any trades right now. Kinda need this gone ASAP (without getting totally raped) so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with her. Almost tempted to just pull the wheels off and junk the car for a couple hundred bucks...
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