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  1. Whats up guys... Its only been 6 years since I last visited, lol..
  2. Havent posted ina long time but here she is now... much diferent and better for sure..
  3. ... Haha nice guys... well thanks Mike it helps..... but fortunetly I still have my Job... don't have the money to put down for a place right now so bumming it on my friends floor until I save enough to get my stuff out of storage and spmewhere... but for now its been chill... been cruisin it in the truck which is better than nothing... and no butt lice or drama... been pretty optimistic and staying positive thru everything since no good to make it worse... but yeah... ill still be here
  4. Sooo... Whats up guys.. Haven't been here much but been quite hectic around around my life... Not the kind to post much about my situations but feel like its kinda needed to Vent a bit without complaining too much... Im sure lots of u guys been in my spot including Skibby and few others... Well here is whats up... Left to Mexico for a week to visit Family and such and unfortunately had an accident.. Tore/pulled some muscle ligaments on my leg and been really hurting from that but have been getting much better in the past week.. HERE is where it got bad.. When i got back "Home" (USA), I found out that I am now Homeless.. Yeah the FRIEND I was living with ended up not paying for months on the house and I had no idea what happened since I wasn't here but when i got home it was EMPTY.. so I called and he told me what happened so been Bummed obviously for it but trying to stay positive.. All my stuff is in storage but i unfortunately have no access nor anywhere to put anything.. And since my leg is messed up (Left) i cant drive my Miata which is my only good stress re-leaver .. So iI'e been borrowing my dads truck but at least its something... About my living situation I have a friend that i am very happy he has let me crash on his room floor when i can and so far only twice have i camped in the truck... But Hey such is life and We all have our moments... Just kinda wanted to share and Ill try to be here more often FOR TEH LULZ to keep me happy..... Thanks for taking the time on this
  5. Any cures for Depression?

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    2. DAT510


      Get behind a donkey.







      and let it kick you in the dick.







      why are you depressed notes? is it cause we say fuck you?




    3. MicroMachinery


      NOT selling your Datsun..

    4. datzenmike


      A new head gasket works for me.

  6. Any cures for Depression?

  7. Well i got 3new tattoos since the last time i posted.. 1. Hello kitty... (posted in insomniacs when i got it) Was for my lil sister.. <3 2. Curves sign.. 3. Hecho en Michoacan.. and yes i got it done in Michoacan also... haha
  8. In Michoacan, Mexico loving the HOT weather...

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    2. NOTES...
    3. INDY510


      any 710's?? .. 160J SSS

    4. DAT510


      dude don't get killed...

      Mexico is fucked up now.

      When i was there i saw 14 dead bodies.

      one town after the next..


  9. WOW... Im still gettin used to it but dont mind it... :fu: IPS... lol
  10. There is a guy that may be interested in trading his Toyota pick up for it... hope that goes well...
  11. Haha ok.. bring a grinder to get it off the car.. :D
  12. Yeah.. kinda fixable but i might get rid of it... i can part it out and get more out of it.. instead of putting like $1k to fix it... i need to get something done soon cuz this is my DD and i need to drive to work...
  13. Ok... To make a long story short... I was Sad and went for a drive to self destruction... And found it... Kept sliding out and should have stopped but i kept going even faster... Hit a rail after trying to avoid it and atleast i didnt hit it the way i was going to.. or else i would be really fucked... Here are some oics... i crashed at like 2 am and these pics are from this morning when i woke up to go to work,,, took everything off before i went to work so the last pic is how it is now... Got mad and punched my stereo which was stupid since i really liked the fuckin thing... When i got to work i set it on the lift and got bent tie rods so i adjusted the most i could but they are way fucked... need new rack pretty much... also bent chassis a lil on the side where the tire is..
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