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What did you do to your truck today?


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Pulled my tach apart, re-installed the screw that holds the faceplate,

The ground is still soaked, so we'll see what gets done tomorrow-


(Maybe if it rains more I'll do some wet-sanding on the 620):rolleyes:



Will mess with it when it's dry out,

need to drop the oil pump and retard the ignition drive spindle, swap the transmissions/driveshafts

and I'm keeping the Holley

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i lubed up my throttle linkage on the carb and the throttle cable. i put a quart of oil in it to. it leaks pretty bad. but now my gas pedal works sooooo easily now. it was starting to stick on me sometimes. so it needed a good lubin!! lol


i was gonna wash it today since its like the 1st sunny warm day of the year, but i have family errands that came up. maybe tomorrow if the weather holds out. is like 45deg!!! its freakin hot outside lol!!

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Picked up a hood and rear window.

Printed out and highlighted some wiring diagrams.

PB Blasted more fittings.

Looked through my 'new' parts boxes a little bit.

Borrowed a grinder, bought some cheap grinding disks.

Took some pic's.

Made a ratsun stencil for the hood.

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Put a heater fan motor in that a member gave me its nice to be warm again, took the car cover off my camaro to find the winter was hard on it even under a cover, the interior was green and fuzzy and the paint some spots that had little bubbles on it looked like a rash, so sad. car covers dont always do good!!

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Took the 17 inch GMC rims off and put my stock 14s back on. Looks cool to me!:D


Pulled some really nice brake and clutch pedal pads off a 1969 in the JY and installed them instantly!


I pulled the grille, tailights too and some of those hard to find little rubber plugs that go in the hole in the door jamb between the hinges.

Pulled the dipstick out and checked the oil. Need to change it. Castrol Syntech is not cheap...good thing it lasts so much longer!:cool:

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