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What did you do to your truck today?


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Today I started my truck and drove it to work. I also played with the radio knob, turned on the heater, and pushed the gas pedal a bunch of times. I left the brake alone. :D


I love doing things to my truck! ;)


I should be getting my clutch slave cylinder today from Rock Auto.

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I pushed and pulled the 320 and the 521 out from in front of my garage, switched their spots in my 'parking area'. I had to air up a tire in the 521 first, it was dead flat. Not sure if busting a gut counts as working on my truck?


Once the 521 was where I wanted it, I pulled out a retro Jensen analog cassette deck, reconnected dismantled wiring, and PB Blasted 1/4 of the entire truck. Test fit a LUV Hitachi alternator (40 amp, I think), looked for an hour for a derelict Hitachi 2bbl. Sorted through a box of 521 stuff. Sorted through a couple of '20 year accumulation' boxes. Found a bunch of knick knacks to put the 521 together including a boat ignition switch, a dome lamp, alternator brackets, belts, gasket making paper, battery cables, and a neato rust stripping tool. Got out my book on fiberglassing, so I could make plans for the floorboards. Looked over the wiring diagrams, and the parts list for the 521 from 'the620.com', and looked through ads here for a tailgate and a hood. :D

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put a canopy on my L320.


no really i just needed a place to put it till i trade the canopy for a 720 next weekend.:D on my NL320 i removed the fender, hood, trim, tailights and manifolds. then i sat back and admired my finally garaged truck. that dang fender took about an hour and a half to get off. i finally took a cutting wheel to a section of it and pryed it apart to cut the bolts off. and yes, i have another straight fender which is the reason it came off.

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Replaced the left rear wheel cylinder and finally got to drive the the ol' Yokohama mama. The brakes are still screwy but at least I got to drive her. Going to wait until I can afford new brake shoes before I replace the RR wheel cyl. and all the rubber lines

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drove it to Lynnwood to Autovice to pick up dub parts for my cousins car. when i came out there was coolant on the ground. seems my alternator chewed up my lower rad hose so now i get to fix that today or whenever i have time. what fun.....

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Thats what i was thinking. that way it will show all the inperfections. Although i was thinking of letting it get rusty. thats the part i'm debating. i like rusty trucks with shiny chrome!


i personally think it looks terrible. alot of the dub guys do that on their hood and it just makes an otherwise nice car look like junk. my opinion though.


as for what i did, i just got finished replacing the lower rad hose on the 620, figured out WHY the alt chewed up the hose, and fixed it. total.... $15 out of pocket for a molded hose. not to bad and oddly enough SCHUCKS had it IN STOCK!!!!:eek: had to drive 25 miles round trip to get it BUT i got one same day. and i had coolant in the trunk of my GLI i didn't know about. double score!

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