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  1. sycloned916

    Datsloco's 11th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 16,2015

    Its fine last year there were some Toyota's and other (Whips) ill be there!
  2. sycloned916

    Datsloco's 11th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 16,2015

    Ya it ill be there. I have a 520 at my house my buddy saw my engine and asked if I can swap it in the 520, I can do the swap, hes just not ready for it. See ya there!
  3. sycloned916

    ECU nightmare

    Hey I have a 510 at my house now with that set up running, you can check it out if you want in in sac to. Pm me for info. I can help wire it up, I have a harness for the better of the ecu's.
  4. sycloned916

    Datsloco's 11th Annual Carshow/Swapmeet May 16,2015

    Ill be there with my 73 corolla 2-door wagon with something cool under the hood, if its cool! And my buddies 520.
  5. sycloned916

    The 520!

    A guy from socal bought it, he has afew datsuns! Hes going to paint it and plan on keeping it. I go to socal afew times a year, he said I can swing by his shop and check it out. Now I have a 1973 Toyota corolla wagon I built, its pretty nasty! The worlds not ready for it but I plan on being at the Manteca meet with it!
  6. sycloned916

    Not Again?

    Hey thanks for sure it get them off you, cant say no to get my second baby back looking clean! Much thanks! Ricardo ill pm you my number.
  7. sycloned916

    Not Again?

    Thanks those will help to show the insurance. I only have pics of when it was black. Thanks.
  8. Hey can someone email pics of my truck from the meet I dont have any to show how it looked before, Thanks. Sy.clone.1979@hotmail.com
  9. sycloned916

    Not Again?

    Here's were my daughter's shoulder hit the inner door.
  10. sycloned916

    Not Again?

    So yesterday I was driving to Sam's to get my daughter new matresses and half way there I get T-boned in my truck by a 90's honda accord, she hit me on my passanger side were my daughter was, she is fine just scared and had two scratches on her and put her shoulder in the top door but she and I got out ok. The truck got hit on the bed and lower rear cab area its drivable not as bad as the last time. We were heading west on a two lane road in the # 1 lane going 35-40 and she pulls out in my lane about 3-5 cars ahead I went to stop or slow down, theres a car next to me on my right and a car in the center median. I know we were going to hit from when she pulled out in my lane, my first thought was my daughter and not wanting to hit head on so I whip it to the left and she hit the bed and back cab area at about 15 mph, the impact was not bad. I check my daughter she was fine just crying and I jump out and go F-ing off and not say what happen, but her car was not drivable but who cares about her and her kids. My truck is drivable and will need a bed for sure and some cab work to the lower area, and a door other then that its fine along with us. I get pics tomorrow to show damage. I have unisured motorist but I think she doesn't have any she said she did but the CHP got no card from her but there checking her out to see. As for next it will be fixed so as insurance does there thing, so ill be looking for a bed and pass corner cab. Sorry for no pics still mad about it all, but tomorrow ill post!
  11. sycloned916

    S2000 motor in 74

    I plan on doing the s2000 in a 520 here soon for my buddy, anything is possible you just have to do it!
  12. sycloned916

    sat jan 18th rio vista fun run

    Im gonna try to make it, and trying to get my buddy with his 520 too. My buddy im working on his BMW might roll to if we get it done 88 M3 with a turbo LS1!
  13. sycloned916

    Sr20 won't fit... So many attempts so many fails..

    It should drop right in, when I did my 510 back ago I raised the rear up a bit. You said its hitting the firewall, I had tons of room in the back. I would take off the steering link and try again. If you can put it in were it should sit and see whats making it not fit right. I used the 620 mounts and took the motor out a good 7-8 times with ease.
  14. sycloned916


    No the frame is pretty much stock,I just added the 4-link tabs at the rear.

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