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  1. I got primed parts on there now and I don't want 'em to rust... Do any spray cans have this color of copper? I'm not winning any paint contests so I'm not super picky, but if anyone can suggest a copper color that is close that would be hella cool. Thanks- J
  2. Justin

    720 pics???

    Found this, liked most of it: ratsun.net/topic/49176-post-pics-of-your-dropped-720s/
  3. HID lights suck.... Our (human, warm-blooded, "mammal") eyes can not properly process the unnatural types of light we use. Neon, Xenon, all that "cheap bright" GLITTER-FLASH doesn't exist on the natural, given spectrum. Not too mention, this is all brand spankin' NEW technology (but let's be frank; it's non-human, "alien" technology,) and we have no CLUE what the long-term effects may be... (my money's on "EARLY ONSET OF BLINDNESS IN MAMMALS SUBJECTED TO OVER-EXPOSURE") How long "over-exposure" is may be subjective...
  4. Man you got the factory tach and some NICE cup-holders! And a suh-weet tall shifter
  5. Justin

    720 pics???

    Should we start a 720 photo thread since the 720 gallery is "Not Found"?
  6. Aww, I really wanted ideas for my 720 guys, is there another place to look?
  7. I have a standard cab 2wd 720 I'm fooling around with. The PO had a bit of a fender-bender and replaced parts with those from a 4x4 of the same color. (same color, but different graphics, 🙄) Not sure why he swapped in a 4x4 bench seat, but it's in there just the same. (and I'm lacking sun visor clips, did they break all the time, or can I find other ones?) Now I've never had to nap in any of my Datsuns, but I did have to "nap" in my Tacoma for awhile- And cuddling up on a bench seat with my *plus sized* trusty St. Bernard doggo keeping night watch over me i
  8. .... One of the things I loved about my 521 & 620 "L-series" dattos was all the different shifter arms I could find. Different bends, different heights, all that. I'm new to 720's and haven't really started messing with mine that much yet (but what's there to do besides drive it?)- But the shift-lever that is in there, to me, is ... displeasing. It's short, it gets wide at the bottom (for no reason), and it sorta looks like it's out of a sports car. I want a TRUCK gear shift lever. You know, a big tall chrome one that puts the (middle) 3rd passenger c
  9. Charlie69- That's exactly what I was talking about, those rims are KILLER! Never would have thought cool rims would be from an Isuzu-
  10. This fits though, right? aussiespeedshop.com/product/datsun-nissan-fj20-engine-2-4rs-side-draft-weber-twin-dcoe-manifold-as0750/
  11. So, it's how it always goes: -some cool car is cheap, inexpensive & easy to work on -not enough people buy them (because most of the population is made of fools,) -the price skyrockets for something that was once made ONLY for folks short on bread -it becomes super rare, collectible, and expensive Point in case= I've only owned datsun pickups, because they're easier to find and cheaper than 510's. But I've always wanted a dime. Cool people know they're cool. BUT, now my *best (girl) friend* wants a dime. And I'm like.... 521's are sti
  12. My introduction to Datto's would be the '73 620 bone stock one (EXCEPT a wild paint job and a "cherry bomb" muffler, 'member those?) my buddy drove in high-school- His Dad bought it new- That was my introduction to Datsuns. A few years later, I find out my friend Jamie's Pops had 2 521's ("Not 510's, but the pickups,"). The one he was able to start was the '72 longbed. He was trying to get rid of it for some reason, so at the time I gave him ONE dollar for it (He never hassled me or even asked to be paid more for it, but later I did give him $3500 for it, just out-of-the-blue, stopped by and
  13. So I'd love to see some of the mini-truck wheels/rims folks on here are running. (ESPECIALLY VINTAGE ISH!) I had "big N littles" on my 620 (the back wheels were like a foot wide,), and they looked BOSS... But dang, gas mileage sucked. I wasn't into mini-trucks "back-in-the-day", so I gotta get my schooling now eh? So what's cool?
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