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Determining Value

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I think good condition governs over all. If running and can be driven this is a plus because you can drive and see how the steering, suspension, lights, brakes, engine, transmission work and sound. A provenance is also excellent. This might contain the original bill of sale and any previous owners plus any repairs and costs done and records of maintenance and up keep. If this was your father's truck you might have these records. 


Rarity. Whats a Coke can worth? What's an original 1885 bottle of Coke worth??? see the difference?


Demand/collectible. Do others want it? even if actually worthless if everyone wants one the price is driven up. If no demand for it you might have to look at selling it out of state.



Judging by your pictures I would think this would demand a premium price. It's a beautiful example. I owned a '71 back in '76. Had it for about 10 years.





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52 minutes ago, Thomas Perkins said:

Just repaint it.You set the price for it,it's your's.I have sold some of my vehicles and got what I asked for.There is no book price for it.And Always take cash.I parked one of mine in front of Sam's club and Walmart and sold it in one day.. And it needed tires.


If it's a quality job/product, then it shouldn't hurt anything.  There are some pretty lousy bedliner products, though...

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