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To Paint or not to paint


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Alright, I ordered these rims. Help me decide if I should paint them....which do you like best

A - This is how they come, kind of unfinished look
B - This is matte, I would probably go more glossy black
C - White
D - This is supposed to be gold, but I had to do it in paint so the color is kind of off, but I put a sample next to it for better reference


The truck will be this color for a long time, so assume it's based on blue, but unfortunately I will have to repaint the truck since I have to replace the passenger front quarter panel and possibly the driver door. That is years down the road though. I will probably just plasti-dip them for now so I can change it if I want in the future. Also...the ones I ordered are 6 lug of course, and have a bullet center cap, and this image is heavily photo-shopped to adjust ride height and place the wheels on the tires. Hopefully I can get this fitment in reality lol.




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i like c and a combined. grey outside rings with white center ring and grey center but i also like Rat-a-tat-Dat idea as well

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