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  1. I went there once and I came close to having sex with a Tokyo lady boy. Looked like a lady, walked like a lady, talked like a lady, kissed like a lady...it was only when she drove me home to her house and reversed into the garage at the first attempt I realised it must be a man.......
  2. Payco

    1980 Datsun 510

    I'm in Sussex UK, just imported a 1971 SSS 1600 Coupe.
  3. Payco

    Now she wont start

    Thanks mate. The ballast resistor is all good. I am going to do a volt test on the coil pack, change the plugs, change the leads, have a look in the distributor etc on Sat and try and open the trunk so a busy day ahead.. Will post back my findings. Learning all the time but these engines seem pretty uncomplicated which is refreshing.
  4. Payco

    Now she wont start

    Thanks, will try both on Saturday.
  5. Payco

    Now she wont start

    Think I have a plan as above.
  6. Payco

    Now she wont start

    dumb question but how does the latch pop / work ?. I tried this sat with a long pole, pushing the latch from top to bottom, left to right but no joy. Whats the right way to approach it ? Thanks buddy. Assuming from the below image its the case of trying to reach through the boot between the petrol tank and getting a metal pole in the gap and pushing the hook part to the right to unlock her. Might have to fabricate a pole.
  7. Ok, so last week I managed to get the SSS coupe started with the help of a few folk on here. I removed the airbox, squirted some petrol into the carbs having lifted the carb pistons and bingo she was off and running. Turned her over every day without issue but end of last week we had two heavy frosts (-3). I started her Sat but she died on me, tried to re start her and shes not playing. I think I may now have squirted too much fuel after maybe 6 or 8 different sessions of squirting fuel into the carbs. She is going into the garage for a full service and check over in 3 weeks time and the garage has offered to come and collect her. I am not at all worried about her health but waiting 3 weeks to drive her is going to be a hard challenge to suck up. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on how I might revive her. Will checking the float chambers to see if they are over filled with fuel be one route to explore ? Oh, and the boot (trunk) lock has jammed up having opened before. I took the rear seat back out and fire wall but the petrol tank is difficult to work around to get to the boot release from inside. Any ideas before the locksmith is called ?. On a separate note she has polished up a dream and I am a very happy new owner and excited for the spring and summer. Thanks in advance (again) Martin
  8. Thanks guys. Another one for the "to do" list.
  9. Thanks. realised that last night when I had a closer look. Think I will source someone who specialises in this to do the work although they currently are pretty good. Just planning the things that I want to do to get her as perfect as I can. Thanks.
  10. Guys. Is there a switch anywhere that gives you the option to adjust the brightness on you speedo/amp/revs dials etc on your 510 dash. Mine are iluminated but very dim. Not the end of the world if you cant but it would be nice to know if there is a hidden adjustment lurking somewhere. I have found everything else but cant see an option. Martin
  11. yep, saw that. Tempted to invest and have a go in the Spring. Will post up some before and after photos if I do.
  12. Looks impressive, do we know how durable this is ie is it suitable for outdoor use and durable for what I am thinking of using it for. Has anyone on here ever tried using it ?
  13. Thanks, will try that at the weekend.
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