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  1. spelt both ways. Gaiter or Gator in the UK.Simply Black Gear Gaitor | Halfords UK
  2. Payco

    '74 Cactus Green

    Nice work. I love a cactus green.
  3. Thanks Mike. Might be an English expression but that's what we call them here.
  4. All, Don't think I have the right gaitor fitted on my SSS Coupe manual shift gear gaitor. Struggling to find an image on google. Does anyone have a photo of what the stock gaitor should look like ? Martin
  5. Payco

    Radiator & Fan

    510 rads are available from time to time. Guy on here offered to send one over until I found a good one in the UK. Good luck with finding the solution you want.
  6. Yes maybe, but I am focussing on other things for now and she will have a bare metal re-spray this time next year. 40 weber side drafts next and fitting the new windscreens rubbers with chrome beading once the rubbers arrive from Baz at Datsport. Plenty to do.
  7. Very happy with my fitment. Perfect alignment, front, centre and sides. Couldn't be happier.
  8. Payco

    Radiator & Fan

    Do you want to change from standard mate ? I know Chris Geraghty very well at Tarmac as I have had a 350z and 370z Nismo prior to my SSS and still retain my REO status on www.350z-uk.com BUT I have to say that is expensive for a 510 rad. You can get a better one from Europe. Just search the net or ebay. I have purchased loads of stuff from Tarmac, good company but as I say that's expensive IMHO. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154074248300
  9. Fitted my Troy Ermish front chin today..
  10. Fitted today..
  11. Thanks, done that but want to see Troy Ermish one fitted up close on the corners etc.
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