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  1. Payco

    My Datsun SSS Coupe

    Hi guys. Just checking back in. Car is back home with me finally after being locked down whilst having her coil overs fitted. She now sits much better on her watanabe rims. I am currently polishing a few bits of trim etc and having some re chromed (rear light clusters, rear quarter badges). I am also tidying the trunk and re carpeting it. Few photos of what I have been up to. I have to say I am loving the project and ownership. The community and help on here is second to none so big thanks to all the help that has come my way from you all. Martin
  2. Payco


    Thanks Carter. That would be amazing as I am driving with no horn at the moment.
  3. Payco


    thanks mate. Its the assembly order between these two sections that I need the order of assembly.
  4. Payco


    Took my SSS 3 spoke steering wheel off today to clean the horn assembly under the Bose. I made a big mistake of not photographing it and now for the hell of me I can’t get the resembly right. Aside from the internet photos does anyone have a good photo or diagram of how it goes back together please. Tjanks guys Martin
  5. Thanks Mike. Thought you would be the man to answer the question again. Hope all is well your end. I will be posting some photos up on her progress next week. Martin
  6. Thanks Mike. Notice a lot of people run them with this on so assume they live with it. What size is the outlet ?
  7. Hi My 510 is coming home to me this week so I don't have it to measure but can someone tell me the diameter of the valve cover breather hose as I am removing my stock air filter, and fitting some conical filters and therefore need a breather filter too. Thanks Martin
  8. Payco

    Steering wheel

    Photo added, better in the flesh..
  9. Payco

    Steering wheel

    Thanks for the reply. I have an original like the above which I have fully restored myself.
  10. Guys. got myself a nice SSS original steering wheel. Are these easy enough to fit having removed the current wheel. Any particular process for removing to follow. I have all the screws with it. Martin
  11. I purchased two on ebay. linky below.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263757793563
  12. Living in the UK I can recommend Poorboys natural look and applying with a sponge and then buffing. Restores and works perfectly.
  13. Does anyone have a photo or diagram of what all the instruments lights are on the 510 dash instrument panel please. Martin
  14. thought I would be creative with the spelling given the topic
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