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  1. I hooked up a tow-dolly to the 720 yesterday and the dolly's lights were acting funny. I didn't have all the lights, and when I hit the brakes, some of em came on, and some of em went away. Tonight, I go to fix it, and I notice that I lost parking, tail, and dash lights....And the rear lights are still messed up. I chase the lights down to a bad ground. There was about 2" of bad wire in the ground wire. I splice in a new wire and still nothing....nothing on the PU that is. The dolly appears to be acting fine....w/o tail-lights. It has turn and brake-lights and they seem to work fine. Neither one has tail-lights. Oh, I am pretty sure that when I started, I had no brake lights either. When I turn on the Hazards and Turn Signals, the bulbs flash just fine. So, here is my theory....the dolly's lights were grounding back in to the truck's wiring, somewhere, and that has screwed something up. The PU's lights...(dash, parking and tail) where do they ground? Through the switch? Do you have any ideas? I pulled the fuse...the top is hot. When I plug in the fuse and probe the bottom, it is hot too (the fuse is fine).
  2. How tall is your adapter? There are some that are like 1/2" thick, and others that are, like, 1 1/2" tall. The tall ones are Aluminum. The short ones may be pot metal. I always like the tall ones. Where was it leaking? Adapter to Manifold or Adapter to carb. Have you seen a cause? As mentioned, use a straight edge and look for warpage. Silicone works wonders... and it does it on things besides breasts. No to Lock-Tite....but I'd use Lock-Washers....although they aren't really needed. But, I bet the Hitachi had them.
  3. I have heard of APs that use fuelers in bikinis in order to get the "military" stuff that passes thru....a CH47 pilot told me about 1st.
  4. Huh....6 lugs have a poor selection. What are you trying to do? There is a large selection of 15" 6 lugs out there.
  5. Where in colorado? I know where there is one sitting on a corner being used as a billboard. The kids have busted the glass on it. Do a map search on the intersection of 29 Rd & Unaweep Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81503 Then, Spin the picture around till you see the truck. Okagawa farms/produce
  6. Not sure if the filter has an anti-drain back. I doubt the light is bad as the timing chain stops clattering when the light goes out. Oil level is fine. It does it on a fresh oil change...w/5 qts in it..
  7. I have a Z24 w/175K on it. IT takes forever (3-5 secs?) to switch the light off. If I was to change pumps, which one would be duh one to use?
  8. Stinky

    window crank/lever

    On my 86 720...the window has been acting funny for awhile. At 1st, it would go down, say, a half turn, then if you went up, and back down, after a revolution or so, of the handle, it would go at the way down. Then, I went crazy w/a red straw, on top of an aerosol can. I sprayed o everything that looked dry and needy. Now, it spins real easy. But, now it jumps/slips, like the teeth are jumping out of place. Sometimes, when I crank it all the way up, it jumps down, and the handle doesn't move, and then it cranks back up. Is there anything in there that could cause this?
  9. Phil's in Hotchkiss has a 4x4 standard cab 720. He also has some other 720s. They all didn't have motors and I don't remember about the drivelines....if yours is not saveable.
  10. Stinky

    Sliding Window

    I picked up a sliding rear window for my 86 720. But, it doesnt fit. The box was marked, but now it is gone. It said, something like 79 (or 80)-83. Got any idea what it fits?
  11. Stinky

    nissan 720 4x4

    Hubs. Put it in 4x4, jack up each corner and then spin the wheel and see where the shaft turns, or not. If the shaft turns, that is good... as far as the hub goes. If the shaft turns, your case is not engageing. If it doesn't turn, the hub is bad,
  12. Change the bulb....then go from there.
  13. Mine is my DD. I climb the hill on 32 RD, by Corn Lake in 4th. Going to WW, on 50, I run the whole way in 5th. Coming from WW to town, same thing, in 5th Gonna send you a PM w/my # and we'll set up some coffee, or ?
  14. Did you prop open your butterflys? My mech says that at our elevation, that 165, on a Volvo, is all that you'll ever get and that 150 is plenty. 117....that is low. But, 100 is not bad, and if I were you, I'd run it for awhile...meaning that although it is low, @ 100, it should run awhile.
  15. Stinky

    Holley carb

    Those are a good carb. The hard thing would be getting an air filter for it. I've had them on a Pinto, Capri, and put one on an L20.
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