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  1. Stinky

    Lost my Headlights

    On my '86 720....I lost my headlights. I was coming home and they were flickering while on highbeam. About 1/2 mile from the house, I smelled a burning nylon smell....maybe rubber. I turned the HBs off, and it seemed to go away. When I got home, looked at them, on highbeam and I think that I was losing the Driver's Side lowbeam. Shortly afterwards, they went out. nut/N I don't even have a highbeam indicator light. Today, I checked all of the the fusible links at the battery. They all are passing 12v (or at least they light up my testlight). The 2 headlight fuses are good
  2. On a Ford Crown Vic....it has dual 2" pipes on it, for a 4.6. There are some that think that 2" is fine, up to a 5.7. DatzenMike is spot on w.his info. Some boo.boo heads say that you need "Backpressure" for a motor to run right....dumb. What is ur target rpm? What is ur cam like? For most motors, smaller exhaust (back pressure) helps below, and up to freeway rpm, as it keeps exhaust velocity (like DM said).... All that said, 2" is way to big, for ur application. 1.5 would be better....unless you want it to bog like crazy to about 3K rpm. Get 1.75
  3. My daughter moved to Kalamazo, MI and she has only been there 2 years....grrrrr. Every time her car so much as farts, she calls me. It is a 2002 VW Beetle (the same thing as when a little girl wants a Barbie bike...all the reputable bike brands don't make such a thing). It started not idling when it got hot....2-3 days ago. They came back to town and it wouldn't start. It went straight from no CEL to a flashing CEL. She wants me to find her a mechanic....grrrr. As if I would know somebody to ask. Here is the question, what websites are out there that you can search for such
  4. Years ago, I wanted to ship a gun. I don't remember to who, or why. But, it was going to a dealer, or a manufacturer, I guar-an-darn-tee dat part. If it was a manufacturer, then they had already "given" me a label. So, I call the UPS store and ask them if I can ship a gun there...no, you can do it at a gun store. Wrong answer...gun stores don't ship guns. UPS, USPS and FedEx ship guns and you don't have to use a 3rd party ship...often/usually to receive, but never to ship, just as long as my 3rd sentence is correct, for the destination....which it was. We sorta go roundy-ro
  5. Stinky

    Seat cover source

    Has anybody had good luck w/a seat cover for a bench seat for a 720? I have one from Autozone or Walmart on it now...and it is only a year or two old and fits like crap, and is ready to fall off, and it has not aged well. I would not say that it was a good investment. I see that Carhart and Browning make some...or probably somebody uses their logo on their product. Has anybody used those?
  6. Stinky

    2 cars in 2 days

    I got offered a 92 Accord, twas in an accident, it needs about $200 worth of repairs...just get it out of my yard. It was an exercise....no key, and broken front spindle. Had to put in on the dolly....backwards, then, pull it out in to the street, drop it and then come around from the other end. It is on the dolly in the yard now....car #1. My son broke down....car just mysteriously died. How long has the charge light been on...I dunno. Either the ECM can't think right on reduced voltage, or the FP can't give it enough gas on reduced voltage, or it has reduced spark, or all 3
  7. Easy, when the 2bbl kicks in, you will get get a pronounced push, back in to the seat. And, your tires will chirp. Seriously now, you will get about 75% of your power from just the 1st bbl. Get it up to at least 3,000 rpm, put your foot on the accelerator, up to the point where you feel the peddle get stiffer. You can feel for it w/o the motor running. That is the point where you are starting to push on the secondary's spring. Then floor it, does it run a lot stronger? Or is it just a little stronger. I will run a little stronger on 1 bbl and a lot stronger if the secondary
  8. The short answer.... next to impossible. They've already explained why.
  9. 205/70_15s will fit....on stock Nissan 15" rims. If you change the offset, stock tires might rub.
  10. What he said....build it up, the turn. It down. There are a bunch of dif coatings out there that will work. If the shop cant do it, talk to a machinist and a coatings place...
  11. rockauto.com you'll have to find out what that motor corresponds to in a car. I don't know. Mike does though If you get a PN...you can do a search on the web and the rockauto site.
  12. Stinky

    Z24 compression

    That is fine.
  13. I disagree w.the egr delete. I've know several people that track their mpg and have noted a dif. Also, it will be more likely to ping if deleted. One of the negatives of the Weber is the air filter. There is a thread here, somewhere, about a guy that made a base for the Nissan housing, to go on the Weber. This gives you cold air intake, which is a significant benefit and also a better filter. Cold air for the carb made a dif of 4 mpg on my Toyota powered VW bus. Every car made today has it....cuz it works.
  14. Bumper.jack... my grandfather wouldnt use them....dangerous as can be. That scene is scary.
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