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  1. One side worked when the 4 ways were on...I don't know how it was possible.
  2. Twas the flasher. Funny, when I swapped them it was most peculiar. They only worked in the original position. When swapped, the signals didn't work, and the flashers either. I could tell which one clicked, and put it back in the original spot, I had flashers. I swapped in one of the flashers from my parts trucking seems fine.
  3. I was driving my ;86 720 720 around today and the turn signal stopped working. I'm not sure that they both (sides R&L) stopped at the same time, but it may have, if not, it was within a few turns of each other. If you put the flashers on, only the right side goes on. But, if you flip the turn signal to the left, they all come on (at least looking at the green arrows on the dash). This afternoon, I don't think that it did anything when you put the turn-signal to the right. I just went out to verify that (about the rt turn signal not doing anything). But, all 4
  4. The 3.5 is a VQ....supposedly a good motor. Bilzobaggins...I am sorta seeing what you say, in your last sentence.
  5. My wife is wanting a new, used, car. She thinks that she wants a SUV...I'm thinking a cross-over SUV. She wants it to be about a 2010 and have less than 100K on it. We've found Muranos and Rogues in our price-range. But, I don't know much about them. The Murano comes w/a 3.5 V6. It is supposed to be a good motor...is it? What about the transmissions? The AWD system? The Rogue comes w/a 2.5 4 cyl. Good motor? Good trans? The AWD system?
  6. goestofast...that s-planes things. I work off of an antenna, and for awhile now I haven't been able to get them....also, no Startrek. But, last night, it was telling me that Buck Rogers was on.
  7. BTW, did you hear about the gynecologist, that had a hard day at the orifice?
  8. And...where ye be? Hard to point you in the right direction if the motor that we know about, in the our area, is not close to you
  9. Stinky

    Lowering a 4x4

    What size tires? That thing came with 215/75s. That is the easist place to start. Altering suspension is hard to do
  10. Many moons ago, my sister was house.sitting for a professor of one of the top universities in the US, maybe the world as they have overseas studies. They bought a new Alfa Spider (2 seat sportscar), in Italy, an 80s version. You buy it there and then drive it as ur rental for vacation and then ship it home, tis cheaper that way. Anyways, the stupid thing wouldn't start 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks later. They took it to the dealer...musta been towed in, unless they push started it....guess what caused it to not start? Seat.belt Interlock...they weren't latched.
  11. I can't see it on my phone, but it looks like twin-turbos...the exhaust goes forward and the joins forward of the carb. Wheelie rollers under the fan shroud
  12. Stinky

    Fuel/Air Mixture

    You are probably best off to leave it alone. If you still want to fool w/that screw... Get it HOT (w/the temp needle in the operating zone), choke OPEN. Screw it in and count the turns and then put it back where it was. Motor running....turn it in till it dies. RE-set to center, Motor Running.... turn it out till it dies...then put it in the middle. OR, use a vacuum gage and set it to the highest idle and highest vacuum. (the best way).
  13. Stinky

    EFI Conversion

    DatzenMike...is a Weber CARB compliant?
  14. Stinky

    EFI Conversion

    Which carb is that? I did not find where any of the Sniper EFIs are CARB compliant. A shame, they now make 4 dif 2 bbls and a Ford 1 Bbl (which supports 175 HP). There are some bad reviews out there on them.
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