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  1. Stinky

    Brake clunk

    I haven't pulled the drum again. But, I've noticed that it only does it after the emergency brake has been pulled, and that it only does it once. It does not seem to stop it from doing it to step on the brakes, after releasing the brakes, or by braking while backing (out of a parking spot)..But, it may reduce the noise. I've done the shoes recently, in the past year, and I cleaned the adjusters when it was apart.
  2. Stinky

    Brake clunk

    On my '86 720....I'm not sure that I have enough data, but here goes. When I step on the brakes, there is a clunk. It sounds like the shoes are grabbing the drum and turning till they hit something thay stops them. That said, I took both drums off and didnt find anything wrong. So, maybe it is in the front. I will continue to watch it. Also, I think, that the 1st time that I put on the brakes, that the pedal is lower...not much, .5-1" and that it only seems like it does it the 1st tme that I step on the brakes after they havent been used in 10 minutes or more. I do not notice anything else about the brakes....they appear to work just fine.
  3. Get ahold of Redline and.let.us know what they do.
  4. Well, you hit the nail on the head. That thing has an extra number in the $2,500 price. Not sure if is the 2, or a 0. They must got the fat-finger and added an extra zero.
  5. Stinky

    86 carb and choke

    On my '86 720, I've been experincing slow warm up, "funny" acceleration (transitioning from 0 throttle to some throttle, while moving), sooty exhaust and 15 mpg (at best) and 2 episodes where it died and then was bigtime flooded. After a small investigation, my choke is busted (a technical term). I wired it open. This morning, I left w.no warm.up....twas interesting. I noticed that it warmed up quicker and that the temp needle was almost in the middle (was 1/16" above the lowest Normal line). And, it runs way better (once I get moving). I only had to downshift once on the way to work (several hills in CO) Where is the best place to get a carb kit? I notice that rockauto only has them up to an '85. Also, where can I get the choke? I have 2, or 3 wires going to my carb, not 6.
  6. I second the 1st day....4" side grinder. That said, I took it back and got a 4 1/2" and I finished the job and still have it.
  7. In Meeker, CO. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/672216740158365/ About 5 miles N of the town is a ranch house that has 2 720s, and an old Sentra, and, I think, a Stanza.
  8. Stinky

    Metallic or metal?

    I put on Metallic. I wasnt prepared for the decision when I made it. I expected them to have only 1 pad. I can remember when metallic was cutting edge, so it cant be that I am gonna order a metal piston caliper. My piston was chipped. There are several steep spots in Colorado...duh. It is a daily driver, but I do tow w.it...point being, brakes are gonna get stressed from time to time
  9. Stinky

    Metallic or metal?

    On my '96 Nissan Quest....One of the sets of pads went away. I am changing them out. What sort of pads do you use, Ceramic, or Metallic? Why? When compressing the caliper, I noticed that the piston was chipped, and that it is not metal. I looked at them on rockauto, Napa, and Oreilly. Oreilly, and Napa only carry a caliper w/a Phenolic piston. Rockauto carrys about 10 dif calipers, and several come w/a metal piston. BTW, Oreilly is the only one that has em in stock, and everybody else is an order proposition. A lot of "smoke" there (obscuring the issue)....what sort of caliper piston is best, Phenolic or metal? Why? As a side point, the calipers were not the same. One seemed like it had a metal piston, and a 10mm sized nut on the bleeder, the other (the bad one) phenolic, and a 3/8" bleeder. s
  10. Banzai....I had a stuporvisor that ised the say that., But, he used to insert an F word after the word dumbest
  11. Stinky

    D21 2wd front hubs

    Look at rockauto and cross.refernce the PNs
  12. Stinky

    720 Oil Pressure?

    In the past week, 2x the light has flickered will moving at an idle in 2nd, when leaving for work w.o a warmup
  13. Stinky

    720 Oil Pressure?

    At what level, in #PSI should my oil pressure light come on in my 86 720?
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