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  1. Thanks...I actually like it too. I may redo it after.
  2. thanks, I googled a bunch but didn't think to search the forum
  3. Thanks, yea I had looked on thingiverse, much appreciated
  4. Lovexplosions

    3d printing

    Does anyone have 3d printer templates for parts? I have a friend who can make me them if I find some. Obviously this would only cover some of the plastic bits.
  5. Painted the grill over the past couple days...and picked less ominous music lol
  6. Removed the rear bumper...happy to get away from it looking like a farm truck, wheels should be here in about a week!
  7. My pops said the same thing. Searching through the non copyright music site takes forever lol. I'll try to find some more options.
  8. Finally had good enough weather to get started so I spent the day yanking seats out, check out the video to see how it went. New wheels come in a week or so, and I'm excited to get to work!! Also..my first time editing videos..any tips would be appreciated..
  9. I mocked it up in paint 3-D. Good concept, but it looked off.
  10. Alright, I ordered these rims. Help me decide if I should paint them....which do you like bestA - This is how they come, kind of unfinished lookB - This is matte, I would probably go more glossy blackC - WhiteD - This is supposed to be gold, but I had to do it in paint so the color is kind of off, but I put a sample next to it for better reference The truck will be this color for a long time, so assume it's based on blue, but unfortunately I will have to repaint the truck since I have to replace the passenger front quarter panel and possibly the driver door. That is years down the
  11. Thanks for this! I was just looking for this today, I should have started here...clearly
  12. Looks good, my truck is the same color with white wheels.
  13. I am replacing all the tires, so they are irrelevant. I am not sure if these are the original rims, but I doubt it, and my google searches didn't help me.The tires are rotten and mismatched and the rims have some rust. The front are 195/70/14s and the back I can't even read because of tire rot. The tread is an off road tire though, rims are the same all around. There are some K5s (sorry that's not the rim, it's the rim off a K5 blazer) on C-list near me and I like how they look but I want to figure out what tire to get. I don't know the offset, but they are 15 X 8. (https://richmond.craigslist
  14. If you have these wheels, what tire/suspension setup are you running. I have a 74' 620.
  15. Lovexplosions


    Thanks, yea a 74. I'll update that.
  16. Lovexplosions


    Hey all, I was waiting to post until my truck was delivered. Well, it just came today! Two flat tires, no breaks, an antifreeze gas can, and two blocks to get it from where I met the hauler and my house....but we made it thanks to my neighbor. Got it idling well and went in reverse and first under its own power..now to start the fun part... https://www.instagram.com/p/B_gNKF_npNU/?igshid=zesvriybtt43 Also to figure out media on these forums..
  17. For real. So they originally quoted $750, but no drivers were taking the order. I eventually took $1150 and they are picking it up tomorrow morning. Based on the other qoutes I got from carriers it was as low as I was going to get.
  18. So fun update. Finding a shipping company kind of sucks. These companies are cutthroat as hell. That said, I picked a company(Montway). It wasn't the cheapest had the best BBB reviews and seemed to do a lot of volume. The next day after giving them a deposit a competitor calls to start bashing them. It was a hilarious phone call, I've never had an experience where a salesperson called and aggressively mocked the other company and told me I was making a bad move. Mostly him saying they won't deliver and me saying it's been 1 day, I'm going to give them a chance to. At the end I was like, they h
  19. I wish I could find it for that cheap now! Some of these places want more than the truck cost me lol.
  20. It runs, but takes some effort to get it driving. It needs a new gas tank and battery basically, and tires before they rot...and all the fluids flushed and changed. The guy sent me a video of it running and he said it could get on a trailer on its own.
  21. Oh I appreciate the thought but it's all the way in nebraska!
  22. I'm about 20-30 mins south of DC, in Woodbridge. Are you in this area?
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