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74 620 Throttle Cable wore thru sheath

Cardinal Grammeter

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Looks like NLA.


Finding used or NOS sucks because truck is down.


Any clever sheath repairs?  (Would be temp since the cable is frayed where previous monkeys looped it though a MonoJet linkage with a plastic tie...)


EDIT:  The cause of this appears to be a bad engine to chassis ground resulting in the accelerator cable carrying current, heating, and hot slicing through the plastic sheath.

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Any motorcycle shop should be able to replace with something custom.


A bicycle shop may be easier, because they virtually always cut cables to fit the application. Most motorcycle shops simply install replacement cables. 

I've used a bicycle brake cable as a throttle cable. Well...I once used a shoe string out the window one time when my stock cable broke. 

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Thanks for the options.


I searched RA for the ATP # and came up empty - who would have guessed it was in "Interior."


But the deal out there was OReilly:  $12.99 and no shipping but will take 2 days on their truck.  Summit has the ATP for $20 shipped.


I wonder what the cost for a custom made one is....  Might be a bit more than $13.


NOTE:  Is this a common failure?  My cable sawed through the nylon tube - about 3" of cable was visible when it finally jammed.  (Answer is probably yes since there is aftermarket?)

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A friend ran a private bike shop and maybe just him but people came from all over for cables, snowmobiles, quads, bikes. Maybe he was the exception but he had all the materials and skills. WAY cheaper than buying a(n ass raping) dealer part.

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I got the ATP cable (Pioneer also makes it.)


Looks like exact part, however, cable at max adjustment is ONE HALF INCH TOO LONGI had to wrap some alum sheet at the firewall knurl to take up an xtra 1/8in of slack and still there is slack.


This is a 74 which is bastard year for everything electrical and EGR.  I believe there are 4 accelerator cable part numbers.  Who knows what the differences are.


And at max adj. the "S" bend is under "duress" and cable sticks - so that means if I rework the bracket to get more adjustment, it will exacerbate the current situation.


I was thinking of tying knots in the cable at the pedal end to shorten the cable - but that is the kind of work I hate.

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Mine has the threaded sheath end w/nut for the bracket on the EGR sub-manifold @ the carb.


Since that EGR is unique to the 74, I'm guessing the cable bracket is correct.


There was a guy selling a NOS one on eBay - the early part number for a big $35.


IDEA:  Make a cable loop @ pedal end (1-2 turns) and secure loop with small plastic tie.  It wouldn't damage the cable like a knot would.  Could even use a 1/8" length of brake line tubing to wind cable on, then tie through tubing.  That way no tie stress from cable tension.

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Installed the ATP Y-640 Accelerator Cable early October 2017 and it has failed less than 8 months later.


Failure was the hard plastic sheath embrittled, fractured, and then chunks of it fell off completely exposing the cable.


EDIT:  Again, with a completely melted and broken black voltage regulator ground wire, it is most likely this accel cable also failed due to ground current.  The comment that the sheath was "baked an brittle" suggests the cable cooked it.

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The hard plastic sheath appears to have not been able to take the heat, embrittled, fractured and chunks fell off exposing the cable.


There are alternatives:

  • Pioneer CA8635
  • NAPA BK 6101624

Has anyone noticed any difference between any of these replacements?


Would like to find a LifeTime warranty for this garbage...



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I always carry a spare.


On-shelf condition is always hit or miss in things like this. Age of part is unknown as it sits waiting to sell.



How often do you really think a manufacturer makes a run of Datsun throttle cables?



They're cheap; buy two. Welcome to Datsun.

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  Yes, buy two, then you will never need another. It would help a great deal to drive your truck more, if you don't use it you lose it due to sitting. I had an ATP Y-640 on my 73 (daily driver)  for over 4 years, never had a problem with it

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EDIT:  Irrelevant since failure most likely due to bad engine/body ground.


My 620 is my daily driver.  The ATP cable box looked like it sat on a shelf for 20 years.  I think the original cable lasted longer


What may have accelerated wear was the cable was about 1in too long so I had to run the sheath adjustment all the way to the end making the bends more severe.


Might be best to go to a motorcycle shop and have one made with a teflon liner and maybe make it a long longer to eliminate the tight radius bends.


But I will never buy an ATP cable again.


And yes, carrying a spare, definitely!

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Yes, I know, but  74 620 Throttle Cable wore thru sheath - Options?  did not state the aftermarket stuff is questionable.


If someone buys an aftermarket cable and then thinks they are safe to arrive at their destination, they need to know just how bad these cables can be.  So I decided it was worth a new thread with a Title that called attention to this - and that discussion of a robust solution would be good.


Right now the Venhill U01-4-100-BK Universal Motorcycle Throttle Cable Kit for $20 sounds like it might be a good way to go.  The sheath is spiral metal with plastic cover and teflon liner.  I have to contact them to see if they are OK with 2" radii bends.

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Well now it does. You can update the original title if you want by going to your first post, select EDIT then Use Full Editor to change the title. If this is about a throttle cable and your experience with it this is where it needs to be. What if the new $20 one is no good?

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EDIT:  Irrelevant since failure most likely due to bad engine/body ground.


I don't like changing the title of a long thread - it would confuse people who read it and then later wanted to come back to it.

Adding to the title is OK,  maybe I should have tried that.

Another problem is that people who read the origin title may not be interested in any more discussion of that topic not knowing that new information was present.

Searching really needs an AI approach.        


I'm looking further into the Villhill motorcyle cable kit which is $20.


Also, a lot of motorcycle cables have a 90* metal tube bend at one end.  If this was at the manifold end, there would be a straight shot to the firewall.  But not sure if this would work.  Brake cables have small displacement and high load while an accel cable has large displacement and low to medium load - would it saw through?                                                

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