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A Yankee with a Ute

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Hello y'all. 

I sold my other project car and picked myself up 1987 GB122 Datsun Sunny Truck. 


So, prior to purchasing the truck, I poked around on the datsun1200.com website. Great place, and I've found a lot of information here too. 


Now that I'm in possession of the truck, I am a bit confused on some things. I gotta update my jargon. I'm going to be changing the front/rear drum brakes to disc, definitely. But, I hear people saying that the GB122 is similar to something the aussies call a "stanza". But, I also hear the term "1200 ute" thrown around. 

So basically, what is a 1987 GB122 Datsun Sunny Truck "similar" and compatible to? What other sunny's are great for something like, suspension mods to change to disc brakes? 

If you read this, thanks for taking the time  :)

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Welcome to Ratsun. Post some pictures of you acquisition and specially the front struts? and suspension. Maybe someone can think of something similar from a N Am vehicle. Usually anything made with the Datsun name on it will take a 280zx or Maxima strut and brake up grade. 

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Its what we call a 1200 ute; nothing like the Aussie Stanza.




Maddat down here do some conversion stuff for these utes.




Your best bet for technical advice is the datsun 1200.com tech wiki.


Oh, btw, welcome!

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Thanks for the warm welcomes! I'll post more pictures when I can. 
EDIT: Got pictures









It being Japanese, I have some stuff I need to transfer over to my name. 

On the subject of the suspension and brakes; 

datsun1200.com says this about the Datsport Conversion Kit  DSK245B

"Struts are 200B or stanza shortened & remachined to take heavy duty 25% uprated 300ZX KYB inserts. Fitted with adjustable platforms and DATSPORT custom hi-tensile 250lb pro sport springs. Progressive urethane bump stops fit neatly into the top spring hat. A budget strut to suit 1200,120Y, Sunny, Stanza, 180B, 200B & 510/1600. Designed to take 13" rims for that sleeper look." 


I contacted Datsport. We'll see what they say. I like their kit, but I also like the idea of R31 disc brakes all around. 

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I put shortened zx struts (S13 coilover conversion) on my ute, also 510 LCA's, TC rods and tie rods.  Drives nice at this height.  I have about 1 1/4" of crossmember ground clearance.  



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