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  1. Holy snoz that would sure be cool. I need to get back at my truck project.
  2. Anyone here an Electrician?

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    2. ArchetypeDatsun


      There's lots of them just open a phone book or google.

    3. 420n620


      your avatar looks like you could share your wealth and afford one.

    4. 76Lil Hustler

      76Lil Hustler

      I can afford one thus why I asked, never hurts to see if someone like a fellow ratsun member could use a contract instead of some shmuck off the web/phone book. but theres already multiple on their way out now.

  3. You mean Amazon.com? That company is doing crazy, amazing, and next century shit all the time. That CEO knows how to adapt well and still focus funds towards projects beneficial to more than themselves. besides he has a mech suit...EPIC!
  4. yeah I'd wanna sit on the truck working as is awhile too, just roll around in your spoils of turbo boosted goodness. Now to wait a year for Trucky Chan to hit stage 2 or would it be 3? gives me time to get KA parts prepare to update my truck to fumble about catching up to this build eventually.
  5. what...the...hell is this shit? J pop christian tranny music??
  6. what the fuck... looks like she could use model plane cockpits for a bra. now that's bigger rack that will still look good in her older years.
  7. so its got some fine tuning to go but still, looking great, awesome power from your build. would you ever fabricate a new suspension system on it?
  8. beyond damn good... power to weight ratio you got going on is choice. Sooo you gonna keep modding this and raise the HP more over time? after a certain amount of power wouldn't you want to add weight to your back end? what is your 0 to 60mph timing?
  9. That is so sick! how fast did you end up going? that so cool you found another 620 there! was the other truck a KA-T build as well?
  10. Deathmatch the lifers! at least then the loser gets a reduced sentance xD that or go full roman and have platoons of convicts fighting for a pardon of their crimes.
  11. Ah, running 25.2" well here's a link to a size calculator to check all your options and they show listings of tires and prices from multiple sources. https://tiresize.com/height-calculator/ the hankook optimo is all season and has a 70,000 mile warranty
  12. try 205/65/R15 exact same diameter as original 25.5" looking for an all season? or more fuel economy design?
  13. Yunno, I never even thought of that. I was ordering 4 other items as well so summit made sense. I'll keep that in mind. otherwise I end up waiting till I can get at least a 100$ in parts.
  14. definitely considering ordering from them. need some more stuff anyways. since points are like 3 bucks I'm going to get a spare set today while I get an order together and knock out a bunch of stuff.
  15. that doesn't make sense absolute madness to me! what does it feed off of then? the gap is soooo big to match the screw holes. its nowhere near .030 which is the suggested gap for the device. edit* oh I see you found just the ring. now I might as well get some more stuff if I'm making an order again.
  16. yeah I'm on a budget I cant go straight to the top performance brand out there. looking at replacing both front brakes for 55$
  17. I'm actually in Gaston. its outside hillsboro. the truck works, I mean I had to reshape a caliper until I get new tires on my 15 inch rims but it rolls and stops. just not so good stopping power. also my tags aren't up to date as its still in project phase so I have kept it out in the country with the lack of police. if your down to help sometime I will always ensure you feel your time is appreciated. it needs a lot of work and I got it modified so I have some identification to go through before I know what all I got going on.
  18. well one brake is sticking the other is actually after closer inspection a totally different brake. so I am updating my calipers to a new matching set but from what I have seen so far I think it is a 1985 720 set I'm after. I will definitely go measure though! thanks for the info!
  19. what am I measuring outer distance between plates or just the inner gap? my calipers work fine but I very much so would like to update them.
  20. never claimed to have anything wilwood. was considering getting some but they aren't worth the cost to me yet. but you believe I should be able to shop for 720 brakes and they should fit? cause that's helpful to know what my brackets identify as. so far as brakes its a 720. what did the 720's start 1980? I assume they came with disc from year one. the truck has certainly had modifications done over the years before I got to it.
  21. I need to take more pics of my front end once I get my rebuild kit in for my calipers, I believe I have ball joints as well. get a better idea of the range of choices I have with my current mounting system.
  22. lol no its use in central and latin america and many other countries is also documented and open access to the public. granted this is only what happened all those years ago. we trained and created many of the governmental parties they have today.
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