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  1. Holy snoz that would sure be cool. I need to get back at my truck project.
  2. Anyone here an Electrician?

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    2. ArchetypeDatsun


      There's lots of them just open a phone book or google.

    3. 420n620


      your avatar looks like you could share your wealth and afford one.

    4. 76Lil Hustler

      76Lil Hustler

      I can afford one thus why I asked, never hurts to see if someone like a fellow ratsun member could use a contract instead of some shmuck off the web/phone book. but theres already multiple on their way out now.

  3. You mean Amazon.com? That company is doing crazy, amazing, and next century shit all the time. That CEO knows how to adapt well and still focus funds towards projects beneficial to more than themselves. besides he has a mech suit...EPIC!
  4. yeah I'd wanna sit on the truck working as is awhile too, just roll around in your spoils of turbo boosted goodness. Now to wait a year for Trucky Chan to hit stage 2 or would it be 3? gives me time to get KA parts prepare to update my truck to fumble about catching up to this build eventually.
  5. what...the...hell is this shit? J pop christian tranny music??
  6. what the fuck... looks like she could use model plane cockpits for a bra. now that's bigger rack that will still look good in her older years.
  7. so its got some fine tuning to go but still, looking great, awesome power from your build. would you ever fabricate a new suspension system on it?
  8. beyond damn good... power to weight ratio you got going on is choice. Sooo you gonna keep modding this and raise the HP more over time? after a certain amount of power wouldn't you want to add weight to your back end? what is your 0 to 60mph timing?
  9. That is so sick! how fast did you end up going? that so cool you found another 620 there! was the other truck a KA-T build as well?
  10. Deathmatch the lifers! at least then the loser gets a reduced sentance xD that or go full roman and have platoons of convicts fighting for a pardon of their crimes.
  11. Ah, running 25.2" well here's a link to a size calculator to check all your options and they show listings of tires and prices from multiple sources. https://tiresize.com/height-calculator/ the hankook optimo is all season and has a 70,000 mile warranty
  12. try 205/65/R15 exact same diameter as original 25.5" looking for an all season? or more fuel economy design?
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