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  1. Final update; this swap works perfectly, output is clean and expected for a marine/industrial alternator. Zero modifications needed, completely bolt in. You can add an alternator tacho if you're feeling sassy.
  2. So the early 1970 sedan would fit without having to sand?
  3. I'm resurrecting an old post. I just bought 1970 b110 sedan glass.....for a b122 ute... Am I going to have to go through the sanding process like what happened here? I hope not, I hope it's the coupe glass that needs modification, not sedan glass.
  4. I have the late A12 Engine, 1987, specifically with the GB122 (The sunny ute) I'm in the market for a dual V-groove crank pulley so that I can run A/C, but the part number specific to the sunny A12 engine, which is 12303-G1615, is completely discontinued. What other AC crank pulley is a direct swap to the late A12? This turned a bit confusing for me... anyone have an ideas? Even aftermarket is fine, original is fine too.
  5. Time Left: 3 days and 17 hours

    • WANTED
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    Part Number 12303-G1615 for late model A12 (1987 Datsun Sunny Ute GB122)


    WHITEMAN AFB, Missouri - US

  6. Oh, that's not a problem. Venturi sizes can be managed with replacement kits for dirt cheap. Many sizes available. http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Weber_32/36_Carburetor
  7. Click the second link in my last comment. It shows an egr port.
  8. A12. I'm about to send Weber an email.
  9. You know, I actually found something quite interesting. I did some really deep research; which for the Ratsun community would be common knowledge! The Weber 32/36 has peak performance around 115 HP, while the Weber 38 is 'bout 150. After taking that into consideration, I've chosen to go with the Weber32/36 because it is a very simple and clean set up with all of the goodies for regular driving applications; Such as electric choke, vacuum advance ports and WOW EGR! Here is the link to where I found that information. https://tercel4wd.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9409 http://www.clutchki
  10. I am exempt in the states from emissions, but I'm military and travel to quite a few places. That's how I was able to import my Sunny to begin with. But if I go back to Japan, or get stationed in Hawaii (which overrides other states regulations) I may run into some bogus problems.
  11. Yes that's what I got from it too, but I don't even know if any inspections test for NOx, they all test for HC if and CO if i'm not mistaken. It seems from the wikipedia page that I am reading that only 196 places within certain prefectures actually perform NOx testing for very specific levels. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emission_standard#Japan
  12. Good info, thanks a lot. With this I guess you gotta be damn careful running that lean lol.
  13. I looked that up and that has some incredible amount of work to deal with, on top of requiring custom work. I'm just wondering now if with the egr delete, I can still meet the requirements of 4.5% carbond monoxide and 1200 ppm for HC.
  14. Which is why I was thinking a catalytic converter was a better idea....
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